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All About Portugal | January 25, 2021

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Write for us: guest posting at All About Portugal

We love your work and would like to encourage you to submit your articles. However…

During the last few months we have received numerous guest posting requests. Unfortunately most of them are damaging not just for All about Portugal but also for the author, therefore our acceptance rate has been short or even null.

For us Guest Posting is extremely important and should be encouraged. We see it as a benefit tool both for the author as for the site, serving the purposes of both: author increases his popularity while All About Portugal increases and diversifies quality contents.

Therefore we decided to change our policy, starting from March 2013. From this moment on, we are determined to give priority and to support those authors who are willing to increase their popularity with quality contents. All About Portugal will focus on long lasting partnerships instead of one-off relationships with the single purpose of publishing a link.

Hence, our Guest Posting Policy is the following:

1. Content

Guest post’s content must only focus on Portugal and must reflect the following

  • about a town, village or place;
  • about monuments and interesting places to visit;
  • about hotels and restaurants;
  • about tips on discovering Portugal;
  • a traditional portuguese recipe;
  • your opinion about something really portuguese;
  • interesting news for foreigners.

Other subjects and interests on Portugal shall be evaluated.

The content must be detailed and unique. The post must be submitted by the original author. Article directory posts will not be accepted. Any passage of text duplicated from another source will result in removal of the post. The article body must be a minimum of 400 words. We recommend articles 600-700 words in length.

All About Portugal is a Portugal related website with an international readership and it is written in English. Your personal experiences involving Portugal are welcome, just remember to make it interesting and relevant for readers across the globe.

Post must be formatted in HTML.

2. Authorship

Author must be identified with his true name and present an identified Google+ profile. All articles without such identification shall be rejected.

Google + profile shall be evaluated and All About Portugal will reject authors with an historic of poor and doubtful quality.

3. Images

Images should be original. However, public domain images may be used with correct attribution.

4. Links

  • Author biography: It should only have links for social profiles (facebook, twitter, etc.) or author’s blog.
  • Article body: must have 4 to 10 external links, obeying the following rules:
    • Own links: may to not exceed 20% of total external links and must present appropriate keywords that flow according to the text. We won’t accept links that don’t follow the terms established on point 1. Any link to financial services or insurances of any kind, even presented under a Portuguese perspective, won’t be accepted.
    • Other useful links: there should be presented links to external sites that refer to the text content, in order to improve it.
    • Irrelevant links: atribute rel=”nofollow” must be used on all links pointing to irrelevant content.
  • 5. Intellectual Property

    Guest posts become our intellectual property. We will always attribute the source of guest posts with your name and links to your Google + profile, blog, etc. But just so that you know, if it’s posted on our blog it becomes ours to reproduce elsewhere. Our assumption is that by sending us your stuff, you’re cool with this arrangement.

    6. Procedure for submission

    To get started You can contact us by email.

    If you have a post ready, send it in the format you are most comfortable with (Text, Document, Zip, etc) and we will get back to you. If you have an idea or title you want to run past me let us know. If you want more info on the process just ask us. You can use the form below, or you can send an email to webmaster @ (copy & paste the email address and remove the empty spaces before and after the @ symbol).

    Thanks again for your interest and we will look forward to hearing from you.

    Happy writing!