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All About Portugal | March 3, 2021

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Weather in Portugal

weather in Portugal
Clara Campos

Weather in Portugal is one of the country’s highlights that attracts tourists from all over the world.

How does the weather in Portugal varies?

Although Portugal’s climate is famed for offering plenty of sunshine and wonderful temperatures all year round, the country has a temperate maritime climate, which in general terms means wet and mild winters – at least compared to the rest of Europe – and hot summers.
However, to be more accurate, the climate isn’t exactly the same in the all Portuguese territory. It varies a lot from region to region thanks to the influence of the relief, the latitude and the proximity of the sea.

The weather in Northern Portugal

In Northern regions of Portugal the weather conditions during winter are more extreme. Temperatures are low and there is even snowfall, especially inland, where the sea has no influence and the landscape is mostly mountainous. So if you are looking for some snow in Portugal, I would advice a visit to Serra da Estrela, the highest point in Portugal.
On the other hand, summers are usually hot and dry inland and more mild in coastal areas.

The weather in Lisbon and Central Portugal

Weather in Lisbon
If you are thinking about visiting the Portuguese capital or Central Portugal, expect hotter summers and milder winters than in the northern regions. However, if you choose winter months for your stay, you might face some rain.
Nevertheless, weather in Lisbon and Central Portugal contributes for a magnificent stay regardless the time of the year you choose to come.

The weather in the Alentejo

Alentejo is the hottest Portuguese region during summer. Even in coastal areas temperatures reach 40º C easily. Thank Good for the Alentejo beaches.
On the other hand, winters can be quite cold inland. When talking about the weather in Portugal, the Alentejo always stands out as the Portuguese region where the climate conditions are more extreme, specially inland.

The weather in the Algarve

weather in the Algarve
If you are looking for the best weather in Portugal, with great temperatures all year long, then the Algarve is your destination!
In fact, the weather in the Algarve, highly influenced by the winds coming from North Africa, is one of the reasons why more and more tourists come to the region each year and end up staying for good.

The weather in the Azores

The Azores offer mild temperatures all year round mostly thanks to the archipelago’s latitude and the Gulf Stream. Rain, an annual presence in the Azores, is responsible for the magnificent green landscapes the islands offer visitors.

The weather in Madeira

Weather in Madeira is characterized by subtropical features mostly due to its latitude and the Gulf Stream, that also influences the sea temperature. Visitors may expect a mild climate with temperatures varying between 25 ºC in summer and 19 ºC in winter.

Although varying from region to region, weather in Portugal offers perfect conditions for a wonderful break all year round.IPMA, the Portuguese National Meteorological Service, offers you further information on the weather conditions in Portugal.

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