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All About Portugal | March 3, 2021

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Vilamoura – what you need to know

Vilamoura marina welcomes sailors from all over the world
Clara Campos

Vilamoura is one of the most sought tourist destination in Europe and unlike the majority of others it didn’t evolved from a fishing village.

Vilamoura is not an ancient fishing village. The town was born out of the dream of a man, Cupertino de Miranda. He was a wealthy banker from Oporto. Cupertino was determined to build a luxury resort on a magnificent landscape. With some friends, he intended to create a beach destination able to beat even with the best world beach resorts. One of the goals was to attract the rich and famous from Europe.

Vilamoura began to rise in 1974. It started growing from the marina towards inland. Nowadays is one of the most sought tourist destinations in Europe.

Throughout the years the resort had a sustainable development. The creation of green areas was always very important. So, Vilamoura was developed respecting nature. Simultaneously always offered an exquisite architecture.

The Vilamoura Marina

The marina is the heart of Vilamoura. It has a capacity to berth over 1.000 vessels. Vilamoura marina welcomes sailors from all over the world. They came looking for the sunny Algarve. The region is known for the sandy beaches and the warm waters. In return, their boats lent Vilamoura even more glamour. In fact, they are one of the town’s highlights.

Yet, the marina has much more to offer. It has luxury hotels, magnificent restaurants, exciting bars, brand shops and a five-star casino. Sete Café is one of its most famed bars. One of its owners is Luís Figo, the former football player.

The luxury of the Marina has a down-side: Life in Vilamoura is expensive. Not everyone has the possibility to spend holidays here. Yet the place is still worthy of a visit. To observe the boats while enjoying window shopping is highly rewarding. And, after all, a stroll along the marina is entirely free.

Where is Vilamoura?

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Vilamoura: 37.093270, -8.124233

Vilamoura: the series

What to do in Vilamoura

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