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All About Portugal | September 30, 2020

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Vacation in Portugal

almourol castle
Clara Campos

Vacation in Portugal means wonderful beaches, breath taking landscapes, memorable food, more than 800 years of history and a friendly people

A new year has just started and it is time to start planning your next holidays. How about considering spending your vacation in Portugal? There are plenty of reasons for you to come and visit us.

Portugal has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world and they are not just in the Algarve; after all Portugal offers you 1230 km2 of coast just in the mainland and you may also consider the archipelagos of Madeira and Azores as a vacation destination.

Besides the beaches, Portugal has to offer amazing landscapes of mountains cut by lush green valleys and winded by rivers of clear crystal waters. If you are fan of fairytale landscapes don’t miss the opportunity to spend one day in Sintra. Douro valey is another option for amazing natural views. The Alentejo plains with their golden and warm colours, gives us a sense of peace and tranquillity perfect for a relaxed holidays.

On the other hand, if you are looking for livelier vacations full of fun and emotions Portugal is also your destination. We have a great movida, not just in Lisbon, the Algarve or Oporto but also in smaller yet bustle cities like Coimbra, Viseu or Braga. The cultural scene is livelier as ever whether on what concerns traditions as Fado or on what concerns the most modern artistic movements.

Sky diving, rafting, surfing, diving, parasailing and trekking are some of the radical sports waiting for you. However, if you are more into not so demanding activities, let me tell that Portugal has the perfect conditions for golfing; besides the fantastic weather that allows golf all year round, Portugal was considered one of the top European golf sites, due to the quality of our golf courses. Golf in Portugal is a joy to play.

Portugal has a history of almost 900 years, thus its heritage is unrivalled. Monuments such as Pena Palace, Moors Castle, Belem Tower, Clergy Tower, Santa Luzia Basilica or Bom Jesus Sanctuary are architectonic master pieces that show the grandiosity of Portugal’s past, specially the Discoveries Age.

Vacation in Portugal is a synonym of unforgettable gastronomic experiences suitable for every taste. The richness of local ingredients is enhanced by the wise hands that cooked them according ancient recipes passed on from generation into generation. At the same time, renowned chefs reinvent the tradition giving it fresh wrappings.

Wine is another memorable Portuguese item. Our table wines are the perfect complement for an absolutely delicious meal, which may well end with a glass of Port wine or Madeira wine.

If these aren’t reasons enough for you to consider a vacation in Portugal, let me finish with a word about the people. The Portuguese are a people proud of its culture and history, willing to welcome you and to make you feel at home; so, what are you waiting for? Don’t you think it is time to discover Portugal?

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