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All About Portugal | January 25, 2021

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UPDATED: Portugal electronic tolls with map

electronic toll road portugal
All About Portugal

The new Portugal electronic tolls system can be confusing. You can find here all the relevant information and a map to fully understand it.

Since December 8th 2011, the number of highways on which the tolls are electronic tolls only have increased, meaning that almost 92% of the highways in Portugal are non-free highways.

In Portugal there are normal highways which have electronic, automatic or manual tolls, thus you can pay in cash, Visa, Mastercard in a regular toll cabin. For instance, if you drive from the Algarve to Lisbon you’ll do it by the A2 highway, which is a normal highway with a normal toll cabin. The same happens if you drive from Lisbon to Oporto by the A1 highway. On these examples, you don’t need any electronic device to drive by the road.

However, if you drive in the Algarve, using the A22 (Via do Infante) that is an electronic toll only highway, you need an electronic device previously acquired. On those special highways there are no cabins and the vehicles are detected by devices placed at the beginning of those highways. Those special highways are identified at the beginning with: “Electronic toll only” and with this sign.

Portugal Electronic tolls by region

North Region

  • A28: Auto-estrada do Litoral Norte (Litoral North-highway – between Porto and Vilar de Mouros/Caminha)
  • A24: Interior norte highway (between Viseu and Chaves)

Porto Area

  • A4: Porto/Amarante-highway (between Matosinhos and Águas Santas)
  • A41: Circular Regional exterior do Porto (Porto Regional Outer Circular)
  • A42: Alfena-Lousada-highway


  • A17: Littoral Center-highway (between Mira and Aveiro)
  • A25: Beira Litoral/Beira Alta highway (between Aveiro and Vilar Formoso)
  • A29: Auto-estrada da Costa de Prata (Costa de Prata-highway – between Estarreja and Vila Nova de Gaia)

Beira Interior

  • A23: Beira interior highway (between Torres Novas and Guarda)

Lisboa Region (Pinhal Interior)

  • IC3: between A23-highway and Tomar, intersections at Atalaia, Asseiceira e Santa Cita


  • A22: Via do Infante (between Lagos and Castro Marim)

Portugal electronic tolls by map

View Electronic Tolls UPDATED in a larger map

Portugal electronic toll payment options for foreign-registered vehicles

Occasional short stays

Options without electronic device:

    • 3 days (light vehicles): Fixed cost of 20€, regardless of the number of journeys made in highways with electronic toll only. Maximum purchase of 6 titles per year.
    • 5 days: Consumption depending on usage. Preload minimum of 10 € (light vehicles) / 20 € (heavy vehicles), with the possibility of refund of the balance not used, if requested, and if the payment has been made on internet;
    • Spain route – Oporto Airport, via A28 or A41; Faro Airport, via A22; Prepayment valid for a one-way/return journey.

Purchase these products:

    • Border point of sale
    • CTT at (only by credit card)
    • Oporto Airport and Faro Airport,
    • Or at IKEA Matosinhos,
    • Service stations (A28 – Viana and Modivas, A25 – Celorico da Beira, A23 – Abrantes, A22 – Olhão, A24 – Vidago)
    • And post-offices, making payment in cash.

Frequent stays

Rental of the Temporary Device ‘Via Verde Visitors’

    • Initial deposit of 27.50€ (refundable upon return of the device);
    • Cost of rental: 6€ the first week, and 1,5€ for each one of the following weeks;
    • Consumption depending on the use;
    • Validity period of 90 days

Purchase this product

Payment with credit card only at the Via Verde shops ( or in cash at the service stations.
More information at the site Via Verde Visitors or via e-mail

Permanent stays

Via Verde device, with direct debit:

More information at the site Via Verde Visitors or via e-mail

For further information, please go to or contact 707 500 501 or

You can read and download the official Portugal Electronic Tolls prospect (in English, French and Spanish): Estradas-de-portugal-electronic-tolls.pdf


  1. What happens if you have a foreign number plate and you drive on an electronic toll road without understanding how to pay the toll? How can you sort it out before you leave Portugal?

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