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All About Portugal | March 2, 2021

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Clara Campos

Trovante are one of the most emblematic Portuguese bands with a career that goes back to the 1970’s and is filled with unforgettable hits.

Trovante are one of the most emblematic music bands from Portugal, dating back to 1976, that reinvented the traditional Portuguese music giving it new sonorities.

Throughout 20 years Trovante had successes such as Balada das Sete Saias, Xácara das Bruxas Dançando, Travessa do Poço dos Negros, Perdidamente, 125 Azul and Timor.
The band separated during the 1990’s but fortunatelly they decided to come back for two concerts allowing us to revive an unforgetable carrier. If you are willing to discover a true Portuguese sonority don’t miss Trovante at Coliseu dos Recreios at November 1st (22:00) or at Coliseu do Porto at November 4th (22:00).

Just a hint from what you will get at the concerts:

Trovante video at Rock in Rio


  1. I, really enjoyed listening the videos that you shared. Trovante is rocking.

    • clara

      Glad you liked! Have you search the youtube for more videos?

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