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All About Portugal | March 2, 2021

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Tram 28

Clara Campos

Tram 28 is a Lisbon symbol that takes us all on a memorable voyage into the heart of the city passing by some of its most emblematic monuments and districts.

Welcome a board of tram 28 for a ride up and down the Lisbon hills. Tram 28 is more than a tram, is the perfect way to dive in some of the most emblematic places of the Portuguese capital and its history.

On the outside tram 28 shines in a bright yellow; on the inside the highlight are the wooden walls, which takes us back to the ambiance of the beginning of the 20th century, when the yellow trams – postcards from Lisbon – were imported from the USA to replace the horse-drawn carriages that were the prime mode of public transportation up to 1901. Throughout the years the route of tram 28 was enlarged, gaining importance in such an extent that nowadays tram 28 is a Lisbon icon for itself.

The course of tram 28

Tram 28 has its own pace that differs at every voyage, either because a car is parked in second row, either due to the winding streets of the typical districts it crosses. But this is one of the charms of this world-famed tram; another is the fact that it allows us to feel the pulse of the city. Many of the streets it crosses are so narrow that if you stretch your arm you can even shake the hand of the inhabitants standing on the windows or listen to a Fado hummed inside many of the Lisbon houses.

On its every day routine tram 28 takes its passengers on a magnificent voyage, passing by several monuments in Lisbon like the Estrela Basilica, which has characteristics similar to Mafra Palace, the National Pantheon, with the tombs of many renowned personalities, the Lisbon Cathedral that dates back to the times of Afonso Henriques, the first Portuguese king, and by the heart of the city, namely the Pombaline Lower Town. If you take the ride on a Saturday or a Tuesday you may even experience a walk on Feira da Ladra, a unique street market where all sort of second hand products are traded and good bargains can be found.

Tram 28 also provides you some of the best Lisbon views as it goes by several belvederes facing the Tagus River, the Lisbon Castle and the typical districts of the city such as Graça, Chiado, the “in” district, headed by A Brasileira, one of the most famed Lisbon café, exhibiting the statue of the poet Fernando Pessoa, it’s most notable client, or Bairro Alto, “the” place to go for enjoying the Lisbon movida.

Well, if you are looking for the true Lisbon, tram 28 is the right way to find it!

Tram 28 gallery

Tram 28 video

Explore Lisbon

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Caso dos Bicos: 38.709487, -9.131876
Hieronymites monastery: 38.697952, -9.207166
Belem Tower: 38.691799, -9.215732
Lisbon Cathedral: 38.709809, -9.133244
São Jorge Castle: 38.713891, -9.133637
Estrela Basílica: 38.713474, -9.160495
Ajuda National Palace: 38.707549, -9.197702
National Pantheon: 38.714994, -9.124684
Carmo convent: 38.712070, -9.140551
Monument to the Discovers: 38.693597, -9.205712
Pastel de Belem: 38.697455, -9.203229
A severa: 38.711767, -9.143415
A Tasca do Chico: 38.711628, -9.144132
Adega Mesquita: 38.712731, -9.144200
Cafe Luso: 38.713084, -9.143748
Marques da Se: 38.709337, -9.131338
O Faia: 38.711704, -9.144495
Dragão de Alfama: 38.712599, -9.128248
Senhor Fado: 38.713076, -9.125750
Senhor Vinho: 38.709938, -9.157859
Bairro Alto: 38.710577, -9.150481
Lisboa Story Centre: 38.707206, -9.133351
Parque das Nacoes: 38.768632, -9.095858
Alfama: 38.711204, -9.127723
Bairro Alto Hotel: 38.710336, -9.143296
Lisbon’s Oceanario: 38.763588, -9.093658
National Museum of Broughams: 38.697557, -9.199496
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Coxos beach: 39.000000, -9.416667
Belem Tower: 38.691799, -9.215732
Hieronymites monastery: 38.697952, -9.207166
Monument to the Discoveries: 38.693597, -9.205712
Multimedia show Lisbon: 38.713891, -9.133637


  1. Thanks for the share .Your post helps me to close out that Tram 28 surely helps one get glimpses of true Lisbon.Tram 28 gallery has tempting photos with best of Lisbon views.The video is eye catching and has aroma of true Lisbon. An interesting share.

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