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All About Portugal | February 26, 2021

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Top things to do in Porto

Things to do in Porto
Clara Campos

Many have been asking me about the best things to do in Porto. Well, the answer isn’t easy as Porto is a fascinating place. However, here are my favorite things about the capital of North Portugal.

My top 10 things to do in Porto

Since the city was elected best European travel destination for 2013 by Lonely Planet, the search for things to do in Porto increased immensly as well as the number of tourists visiting it. And the visits are well worthy, let me add!
Porto has a lot to see and do; however, there are a few mandatory things to do in Porto, especially if you are a first time visitor. Here are my suggestions:

Porto’s cathedral is one of the oldest monuments in Porto and it witnessed important historic events such as Prince Henry the Navigator’s baptism or the marriage of King John I to Philippa of Lancaster in 1387. At the cathedral visitors may find the thum of the city’s Patron Saint – Saint Pantaleon.

Clergy Tower
It is one of the symbols of the city, therefore visiting Clergy tower is mandatory when staying in Porto. After all, you don’t want to miss the highest Portuguese tower with 75 meters high.

Sao Bento train station
Sao Bento train station
Jose Ignacio Soto /
Going to Sao Bento train station is one of the things to do in Porto in order to see for yourself why Travel & Leisure elected it as the most beautiful train station in the world in 2011. I bet that its remarkable tiles have something to do with it!

Casa da Música
If you are a music fan as I am, don’t forget to include attending a music concert at Casa da Music in your list of places to visit in Porto.

Serralves is one of the cultural ex-libris of the city, thus visiting Serralves is surely one of the things to do in Porto. This temple of the arts is also famed for its gardens which enjoy visiting every Spring.

All who wish to sense the city’s history and have a glimpse of its past and cultural relevance must go to Majestic, a place that is more than just a coffee shop.

Ribeira area
Going for a walk at Ribeira area will make you fall in love with Porto. It is the perfect spot fot having dinner, overlooking Douro River.

Port wine tasting
Port wine tasting
Port wine is famed all over the world, thus one of the things to do in Porto I would recommend is a visit to the wine cellers for a Porto wine tasting.

Go to Porto and not have a Francesinha is like going to Rome and not to see the Pope! Please do not, let me repite, do not miss the opportunity to taste this gastronomic treat. I am not hte only one stating that it is absolutely amazing as Aol Travel considered it as one of the best 10 sandwiches of the world.

Have a plate of Tripas
On what it comes to gastronomy, Porto has another icon to offer, namely Tripas. Visiting one of the restaurants serving this delicious dish prepared with meat, sausages, white navy beans and, of course, tripe, had to be on this list of things to do in Porto.

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