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All About Portugal | March 3, 2021

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Top 10 Best hostels in Oporto

Oporto hostel Poets
Clara Campos

I chose my Top 10 Best hostels in Oporto having in mind the quality offered, which in some cases was distinguished with international awards

Hostels in Oporto are great!
They represent cheap lodging and a cool atmosphere. Over the last few years hostels in Oporto conquered many travellers eager to discover this amazing city.

My list of the best 10 hostels in Oporto

Hostels are a wonderful solution for all travelling in a low budget. However, low prices don’t necessarily mean poor quality. On the contrary, hostel in Oporto are a living proof that you don’t have to spend a lot to have a great place to stay. And I am not the only one defending this position, after all some hostels in Oporto have been granted international awards.

Dixo’s Oporto Hostel

Dixo's, hostels in OportoThis is a family project. And the project has a purpose: “To make you smile”.

The hostel is set in a restored 19th century building. The place is considered World Heritage by UNESCO. It is located in the typical district of Ribeira. The hostel offers several lodging options. It also has a library, a bar, a living room and a dining room.

Dixo’s  is close to some of the city’s landmarks. It is one of the iconic hostels in Oporto.

Dixo’s was considered world’ s 3rd Best Small Hostels. It was also elected the cleanest hostel worldwide.
Address: Rua Mouzinho da Silveira, 72, 4050-372 Porto
Phone: +351 222 444 278

  • Magnolia

    Magnolia Hostel, Oporto PortugalThis hostel is very central. It is just five minutes away from a subway station. It is perfect to explore Oporto.This is why it is in this list of best hostels in Oporto.

    Magnolia offers private rooms and dormitories. It also has a kitchen, a lounge, a garden and a bar.
    Address: Avenida Rodrigues de Freitas, 387, 4000-422 Porto
    Phone: +351 222 014 150
    Website: (Currently under construction)

  • Oporto Excentric

    Oporto hostels - ExcentricThis is a themed hostel. It is devoted to Oporto. Each room is decorated to honour a landmark of the city. Not many hostels in Oporto give you the opportunity to enjoy the ambience of Serralves, São Bento Station or Majestic Café for instance in your room.

    Surfers consider Oporto Excentric as one of the best hostels in Oporto. The hostel offers a special place to keep boards and suits.
    Address: Estrada Exterior da Circunvalação, 13310, 4460 – 286 Senhora da Hora
    Phone: +351 224 069 200

  • Oporto Invictus Hostel

    Invictus hostel in OportoThe hostel is in the heart of Oporto’s nightlife. It is also close to many tourist attractions. It works in a restored 150 years old building. Now combines a modern atmosphere whit ancient charm. The place provides breakfast. It is definitely one of the great hostels in Oporto.
    Address: Rua das Oliveiras, nº 73, 4050-449 Porto
    Phone: +351 222 024 371

  • Oporto Poets Hostel

    Oporto hostel PoetsThis hostel offers two locations just 25 meters away from each other. One of them is a restored building. The other is a mythical house. In both places, breakfast is included in the price.
    Address: Rua dos Caldeireiros, 261, 4050-142 Porto
    Phone: +351 223 324 209 / +351 932 015 758

  • Porto Downtown

    Oporto Downtown hostelThe hostel is located at Oporto’s downtown. It is very well served from transportation. It is a perfect starting point to explore the city. Therefore it had to be listed as one of the best hostels in Oporto.
    Address: Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes, nº 66, 1º andar, 4050-294 Porto
    Phone: +351 222 018 094

  • Porto’s Gallery Hostel

    Oporto Gallery HostelThis hostel is located in a cultural area of Oporto. The district is known for its art galleries. The hostel offers in-house exhibitions. The rooms are named after famed artists and gardens of Oporto. New York Times recognized it as one of the amazing hostels in Oporto.

    This hostel won the Best Newcomers category at the HostelBookers Awards for Excellence 2012. See our post Portugal Wins 6 times in HostelBookers Awards for Excellence 2012.
    Address: Rua Miguel Bombarda, nº 222, 4050-377 Porto
    Phone: +351 224 964 313

  • Porto Spot Hostel

    Spot Oporto hostelsThis hostel is 2 minutes walking distance from the centre. It is close to many of Oporto’s highlights like Clergy Tower, Old town or Port Wine cellars. Spot is also famed for the parties held at the terrace. It also offers visitors the good Portuguese gastronomy.

    Thanks to its party atmosphere it is one of the five hostels awarded Top Party Hostel at the HostelBookers Awards for Excellence 2012.
    Address: Rua Gonçalo Cristóvão nº 12, 4000-263 Porto
    Phone: +351 224 085 205

  • Rivoli Cinema Hostel

    Hostel in Oporto - Rivoli CinemaIf you are a cinema fan this is the right place for you! Each room is devoted to a film or a director. You just need to choose your favourite. Tim Burton, Tarantino, Ridley Scott, Almodovar, Jean-Pierre Jeunet, Godard, Manoel de Oliveira, David Fincher, Alejandro González Iñárritu, Michael Radford, Mira Nair, Steven Spielberg, Stanley Kubrick, Jonathan Demme, Ang Lee are honoured here.

    Another highlight of this hostel is the outer space. Here visitors can listen to music, barbecue, sunbath, party or just chat with the others guests. This is one of my favourite hostels in Oporto.
    Address: R. Dr. Magalhães Lemos, 83, 4000 Porto
    Phone: + 351 220 174 634

  • Wine Hostel

    Wine Hostels in OportoOporto is the land of Port wine. Everybody loves Port wine. So what better way to celebrate this delicious nectar than to stay in a hostel that themes it? This is Wine hostel’s offer. Each floor is devoted to a Port wine type. Port wine cocktails are served each day.
    Address: Campo Mártires da Pátria, N.º 52, 4050-366 Porto
    Phone: +351 222 013 167

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