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All About Portugal | September 30, 2020

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What to do in Portugal

Clara Campos

What to do in Portugal is a recurrent doubt of those who visit Portugal for the first time. This post gives you some priceless hints.

What to do in Portugal is a recurrent question my foreign friends ask me when they decide to visit my homeland for the first time and I never know where to start my answer. There is so much to do in Portugal!

Even though Portugal is a small country in square miles, it was blessed with a magnificent diversity of landscapes that range from white sandy beaches and golden plains to green hills and rough mountains crossed by meandering rivers of refreshing crystal waters. No matter your destiny in Portugal there is always a breathtaking view in sight.

With almost 900 years of history Portugal is a living museum with an astonishing Heritage that portrays our development as a country and as a people. Due to our golden historical period – the Discovery Age of the 15th and 16th centuries – we even have our own architectonic style, namely the Manueline style that embodies nautical motifs as well as mythical and strange creatures of the new worlds discovered by our navigators.

Yet our cities are not captive of our proudly past; on the contrary, they are boiling with a seething cultural scene that combines our most traditional cultural symbols such as Fado with the most modern artistic movements presented at remarkable scenarios such as Centro Cultural de Belém or Casa da Música. Besides the cultural aspect, let me also share with you that the Portuguese movida is a blast!

Outside our urban centers Portugal still offers small little villages that preserve the bucolic and rural ambience of ancient times, when life was lived in a slow rhythm and being part of a community really meant something.

Gastronomy is another Portuguese highlight due to the richness and diversity of ingredients combined with mastery according to ancient recipes passed on from generation into generation. No matter your tastes, here you will have the best of world’s cuisine, served with wines that would make Bacchus proud.

However, I believe that the most distinguishing Portuguese trace is the people. The Portuguese are a unique specimen with an extra gene devoted to welcome all who visit us.

So, as I always end up answering my friends, instead of keep giving you advises on what to do in Portugal, I invite you to come by and find out for yourself.

Choose what to do in Portugal

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