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All About Portugal | March 3, 2021

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Things to do in Pico Island

Things to do in Pico Island
Clara Campos

Things to do in Pico Island are a surprise for visitors. The breath taking views rival with the comfort of the hotels and the tasty food of the restaurants.

Things to do in Pico Island conquer all visitors. The mountain island as it is called, offers breathtaking landscapes, wonderfull hotels and restaurants. Along the coastline there are unique villages built from lava blocks. The darkness of the buildings provides a magnificent contrast with the green vineyards that surround them and the blue waters of the Atlantic.

My favourite things to do in Pico Island

Pico Island is dominated by the imposing presence of the Pico Mountain. From the top of this mountain with 2351 meters high visitors may enjoy one of the most astonishing views over all other Azorean Islands. Therefore climbing to the top of this mountain is one of the commendatory things to do in Pico Island. However, it is advisable to go with an experienced guide as the climb isn´t easy and the weather conditions may be deceiving.

Museu dos BaleeirosPico Island was always identified with the whaling industry. To discover more about the traditions and artifacts linked to this ancient activity I advise a visit to Museu dos Baleeiros (Whalers Museum). This is definitely one of the most emblematic things to do in Pico Island as it helps you to understand the ancient way of living of the people of Pico. At first came the American whalers to hunt sperm whales. Then begun whaling from the Island. By then whalers left their houses to face the giant whales on their small rowing boats. It is amazing how incredible brave were these men!

One of the most curious things to do in Pico Island is to visit Arco do Cachorro (Dog’s Arch), a rock formation resembling the head of a dog. Besides, on this location there is an electrical central that uses the waves to produce electricity.

Nowadays Santa Catarina Fortress houses the tourism of the Island. The building was renovated and now comprises also a garden and a belvedere. From April until October there are shows and animation on the fortress’s bailey.

To go for a swim at the Lajes do Pico Natural Pools is one of the best things to do in Pico Island. They are on the Lajes Bay famed for its calm and crystalline waters. The Bay is a paradise for snorkeling and diving.

Torres CavePhoto by Galeria de Ulrich Thumult/a>

Last but not least, I recommend a visit to the Torres Cave. It is the largest lava tube in Portugal. The Cave’s main tunnel is about 4480 meters long. It is believed that Torres Cave was formed by the lava expelled by a volcanic eruption occurred in Cabeço Bravo. Visiting this geological treasure is for sure one of the most fascinating things to do in Pico Island.

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Photo by Galeria de Andres Rueda/a>

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