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All About Portugal | January 21, 2021

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Things to do in Flores Island

Things to do in Flores Island
Clara Campos

Things to do in Flores Island are closely linked to the beautiful natural scenery of this Azorean Island. You may appreciate them by foot, by car or by boat

Things to do in Flores Island are mostly related with the enchanted scenery of this Island belonging to the Azores archipelago. The steep topography of Flores Island offers breath taking views either by the coastline or in the interior areas.

The cliffs by the sea, which can reach 600 meters high, are impressive. Inland the beautiful valleys nested between imposing elevations characterize the landscape. Getting the most out of all the natural wonders at our disposal is one of the commendatory things to do in Flores Island.

My favourite things to do in Flores Island

No matter were you go on Flores Islands you will always find remarkable landscapes. As it happens with all other Azorean Islands, Flores is a true paradise, blessed by Nature with amazing hidden corners waiting for you to discover them.
Visiting the seven extinct craters of the ancient volcanos that gave birth to the Island is one of the most interesting things to do in Flores Island. Nowadays these craters are lovely lakes.

Rocha dos Bordões

Photo by Galeria de // Manuel Garcia //

The overwhelming rock formation Rocha dos Bordões is one of the essential things to do in Flores Island. After all, it is the major ex-libris of the Island.

The highest point of the Island is Morro Alto. The view from Morro Alto Belvedere alone justifies the visit. Nearby are other interesting things to do in Flores Island, namely the natural wonders of Pico da Burrinha, Testa da Igreja, Pedrinha Belvedere or Pico dos Sete Pés. All of these are emblematic elevations of the Island offering rich fauna and flora as well as beautiful landscapes.

One of my top things to do in Flores Island is a road trip around the Island. It is the perfect way to discover charming villages like Ponta da Fajã Grande, known simply as Ponta, or Cuada. However, all the Azorean Islands are famed for their trekking trails. Flores Island is no exception. Therefore, one of the most amazing things to do in Flores Island is the walk from Fajã Grande to Ponta Delgada das Flores.

Boat trips around the Island are one of my favourite things to do in Flores Island. After all this is the only way to reach Arco de Santa Cruz das Flores and the Maria Vaz Islet as well as the entrance to the Gruta dos Enxaréus, an amazing volcanic cave.
Flores Island

Photo by Galeria de jmuchaxo

For those like me who can’t go without a swim, I advise a visit to the natural pools of Santa Cruz, the beaches at Lajes das Flores or at the beach of Fajã Grande. But one of the most charming things to do in Flores Island is to go for a swim in the idyllic scenery of the waterfalls at Poço do Bacalhau and Ribeira Grande.

Where to stay and eat in Flores Island

To fully enjoy the natural wonders of Flores Island you will need a comfortable hotel and great restaurants to recover all the energy lost while exploring the Island.

My recommended hotels

Hotel das Flores

Address: Zona do Boqueirão

9970 – 390 Santa Cruz

Phone: +351 292 590 420



Opened in 2009 this is the first 4 star hotel in Flores Island. The large rooms with views to the ocean are what charm me most in this hotel.

Hotel Ocidental

Address: Avenida dos Baleeiros

9970-306 Santa Cruz

Phone: 351 292 590 100



The natural swimming pools by the hotel are remarkable. But I chose this hotel due to the diving center it offers.

Aldeia Cuada

Address: Cuada

9960-070 – Cuada

Phone: +351 292 590 040



From a recovered small village was born a magnificent rural tourism lodging. I just love the charm of the ancient ways of living that still can be sensed at Aldeia Cuada.

My recommended Restaurants

Pôr Do Sol

Address: Fajãzinha

9960-110 Fajãzinha

Phone: +351 292 552 075

Set on a stone building on a cliff, this restaurant offers traditional dishes of the Azores gastronomy like yam, sausages or sweet potatoes. However, above all, this restaurant offers an unforgettable sunset.

O Beira Mar

Address: Porto das Lajes das Flores

9960-438 Lajes das Flores

Phone: +351 292 593 384

This restaurant offers three different spaces: the esplanade where pizzas are served, a more elegant room mainly devoted to fish dishes and another room opened at lunch hour.

Where is Flores islands?

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Hotel das flores: 39.462902, -31.136798
Hotel Ocidental: 39.461400, -31.127700
Aldeia da Cuada: 39.440766, -31.256275

Main Image Credits

Photo by Galeria de Muchaxo

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