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All About Portugal | March 5, 2021

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Things to do in Corvo Island

Things to do in Corvo Island
Clara Campos

There are plenty of things to do in Corvo Island even though Corvo is the smallest island of the Azores. Corvo Island is one of the last paradises on Earth.

Things to do in Corvo Island may not seem obvious as Corvo is the smallest island of the Azores with less than 500 hundred inhabitants.

My favourite things to do in Corvo Island

Isolation is definitely one word to characterize it. But don’t let be impressed with that and believe me when I say that there are plenty of things to do in Corvo Island if you are a Nature fan.
Of course in Corvo you won’t find all the hustle and bustle from a big metropolis but the Island invites you to relax and contemplate. Let’s not forget that Corvo is a biosphere reserve since 2007.

Vila do CorvoPhoto by Galeria de António Manuel Dias

One of the best things to do in Corvo Island is to wander without a predetermined destination. I love doing it in the narrow streets of Vila Nova do Corvo, enjoying the contrast between the dark stone houses, the blue of the Atlantic and the green of the landscape. It is like going back in time reviving ancient ways of life. In some houses there is possible to observe old looms that witness a traditional way of weaving.

While visiting Vila Nova do Corvo don’t miss the chance to take a have a look at the Nossa Senhora dos Milagres church. I also recommended a visit to the Environmental and Cultural interpretation centre of the island, located in the centre of the village.

One the most popular things to do in Corvo Island is a visit to Caldeirão. The crater of the ancient volcano that originated the Island and constitutes Monte Grosso is the main ex-libris of Corvo. Caldeirão crater has 300 meters depth and a 3400 meters perimeter. Here you may also observe two lagoons with small islands that, for those romantic enough to believe in legends, represent the Azores archipelago.

CaldeirãoPhoto by Galeria de Manuel Garcia

Visiting Gruta Ponta do Marco is one the most interesting things to do in Corvo Island. Gruta Ponta do Marco is a cave by the sea that can be visited by small boats. It is located at Ponta do Marco a promontory linked to the legend of the Statue of the Knight. According to this legend when Corvo Island was discovered by Portuguese sailors, there was here a statue of a mysterious knight pointing the West. It was then believed that he pointing America. Although being considered a myth this statue was mentioned by Damião de Góis, chronicler of king Manuel I.

Diving in the amazing waters of the Atlantic is one of my top things to do in Corvo Island. The bottom of the sea here is incredibly beautiful and full of life.

The Landscape of the Pico Island Vineyard Culture is considered a World Heritage Site by Unesco. Thus, visiting the vineyards is one of the commendatory things to do in Corvo Island. The vineyards are divided into plots named locally as currais. The division is made by walls of basalt rocks stacked without mortar. Furthermore, viticulture is one of the main activities of the Island since the 15th century.

Where to stay and eat in Corvo Island

The small size of the Island is responsible for the short offer on what concerns hotels and restaurants. Therefore my suggestion is for you to stay at Guest House Comodoro and to choose A Traineira for your meals. This restaurant serves the tasty Azores gastronomy.


Guest House Comodoro

Address: Caminho do Areeiro

9980-034 Corvo

Phone: +351 292 596 128


A Traineira

Address: Rua Matriz

9980-020 Corvo

Phone: +351 296 912 500

Photo by Galeria de Muchaxo


  1. Lou Pavao

    I have been visiting the azores since my youth.
    I have visited all the islands except corvo.
    I’m so excided. thanks for all your input you
    have been very helpful.are there any stores where
    I can purchase crafts from corvo island? thanks again

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