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All About Portugal | January 18, 2021

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Cascais beaches

Cascais beaches
Clara Campos

Cascais beaches are one of the highlights of the area. The coastline goes from Tagus River to the Atlantic therefore there are plenty beaches to choose from

Cascais beaches charm all visitors due to its golden sand and welcoming waters. In fact it is impossible to resist the appeal of the several beaches located in the lovely coastline stretching from Tagus River until the Atlantic Ocean. They are one of the attractions of the historic Cascais village.

The most famed Cascais beaches

Coming to Cascais and not going to the beach at least one time is almost like going to Rome and not to see the Pope. No matter the beach you chose one thing is certain: you will be having a lovely day under the sun!
The beaches were one of the highlights of Cascais village that enchanted the crowned heads of Europe who came here in search of refuge during World War II. While the rest of Europe was living a tragedy, Cascais worked as a paradise, where live went on as usual. It was as if Cascais area was an escape to reality.

Abano beachPhoto by Galeria de Reven.

Abano Beach

Neighboring the famed Guincho beach it also a great spot for surfing and body boarding. Besides, for being windy is perfect for windsurfers. It is one of the most popular Cascais beaches.

Azarujinha Beach

The breathtaking beauty of this Cascais beach grants it a place on this list. The small bay surrounded by remarkable cliffs attracts mainly locals who try to keep it as a hidden treasure. No one wants hordes of bathers invading this charming beach that resembles a natural Amphitheatre.

Bafureira Beach

This is a cozy beach protected by a cliff much sought by surfers and body boarders. The many steps leading to the sand from the top of the cliff discourage many therefore it is one of the least crowded beaches in Cascais.

Carcavelos beachPhoto by Galeria de

Carcavelos Beach

If you are a fan of surf, windsurf or body board this is the right beach for you due to the sea conditions it offers. This is why it hosts several international events linked to these sports.

Conceição Beach

Contrasting with Bafureira, Conceição is one of the most crowded of all Cascais beaches, mostly because it’s quite close to the train station.

Besides it serves guests of the Albatroz hotel. During the low tide it is possible to cross to Duquesa beach.

Duquesa Beach

Located at Cascais bay, it’s highly popular amongst divers due to its crystalline waters. There is a Diving School at your disposal if you would like to explore this underwater treasure. It also offers perfect conditions for sailing and windsurfing.

The beach owes its name to the Palmela Dukes’ Palace, overlooking it.

Grota Beach

For having less than 50 meters, this is one of the smallest Cascais beaches. Nestled amongst lovely rocks where a small water fall can be seen, Grota beach is a nudist area.

Pescadores beachPhoto by Galeria de Anette og Jan

Pescadores beach

Located in the heart of Cascais, it is also named as Peixe beach (fish beach). It is mostly used for fishing activities due to the pier used to unload the fish to be traded at the fish auction.

Rainha Beach

Cascais beaches are one of the highlights of the area. The coastline goes from Tagus River to the Atlantic therefore there are plenty beaches to choose from

Close to Cascais center and the train station, used to be one of the favorite beaches of kings and queens – hence its name as Rainha beach means Queen beach.

São Pedro do Estoril Beach

The cliffs that surround this beach are popular amongst fishermen while the beaches’ waves attract surfers.

Guincho beachPhoto by Galeria de Gustty

Guincho Beach

It is the most iconic of all Cascais beaches, famed all over the world due to the amazing conditions for surfing and windsurfing.

Guincho is also known for its first-class restaurants prized for the fresh fish they serve.

Tamariz Beach

Located near Estoril Casino Tamariz beach is not just popular for the great beach conditions, including a free saltwater swimming pool, but also for its nightlife.

Where are the Cascais beaches?

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Conde Castro Guimaraes Museum: 38.692059, -9.421731
Boca do Inferno: 38.690266, -9.425583
Estoril Casino: 38.707013, -9.397699
Abano Beach: 38.741365, -9.472661
Casa das Historias Paula Rego: 38.695023, -9.424134

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Photo by Galeria de Stephanie Booth

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