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All About Portugal | January 25, 2021

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The highlights of Cascais village

The highlights of Cascais
Clara Campos

The highlights of Cascais are varied. Aside the natural beauty of the coast of Cascais with lovelybeaches, culture, sports and gastronomy attract visitors.

The highlights of Cascais are closely linked to the magnificent past and present of the village. Cascais magnificent location by the sea was responsible to attract the cream of society since the early years. In fact, the history of Cascais is responsible for village’s aristocratic aura that is still well alive nowadays. For instance, the hotels in Cascais and the restaurants in Cascais are famed for the luxury and first-class services offered, worthy of their most distinguished guests and clients.

Discovering Cascais

As said, Cascais has always been one of the favorite Portuguese villages of the high society. It was the summer destination of kings and queens as well as of many nobles and bourgeois.

During World War II, Cascais was the refuge of European royals who found here a safe refuge against the devastation that crossed the entire continent. Thanks to the exquisite and rich inhabitants Cascais is famed for its wonderful manor houses and villas. One of the most magnificent examples of these buildings is the Condes de Castro Guimarães Palace. This lovely palace is open to the public as a museum. It offers a dazzling private collection of over 25,000 books, including some rarities.

Conde Castro Guimaraes museum

Condes de Castro Guimarães Museum also houses the findings of Alapraia Caves, which are one of the highlights of Cascais. These caves are a set of four graves working as necropolis during the Neolithic and Chalcolithic periods.

To fully understand Cascais and its people I advise a visit to Museu do Mar where its fishing history is presented.

Of course, the amazing Cascais beaches are the most famed of all the highlights of Cascais. They are much sought due to their safety, crystal waters and golden sand. They are also good choices for surf, windsurf and body board fans.

Boca do Inferno, a rocky cliff just outside the village, is on top of the highlights of Cascais. Here the sea hammers into the rock, creating a booming noise, illustrated by an imposing spray. This spectacular phenomenon gave rise to its name Boca do Inferno that in English means ‘Hell’s mouth’.
Boca do Inferno, Cascais


Not far from Boca do Inferno stands the new Marina, attracting yachts from all over the world. It is a wonderful place to go for a snack in the afternoon or even for a delicious meal as it offers several good restaurants.

One of the highlights of Cascais area is the Casino, in the nearby resort town of Estoril. This Casino was the stage of conspiracy plans during World War II as it was attended by spies from all parts involved in the conflict. Nowadays it offers perfect conditions for gamblers and magnificent shows.
Casino Estoril, Cascais

Cascais is also a wonderful destination for golfers as it concentrates several golf courses in a relative small area. Estoril Club, Penha Longa Golf Resort, Quinta da Marinha and Oitavos Golf Course are located just a short drive from Cascais.

Where is Cascais?

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Conde Castro Guimaraes Museum: 38.692059, -9.421731
Boca do Inferno: 38.690266, -9.425583
Estoril Casino: 38.707013, -9.397699
Abano Beach: 38.741365, -9.472661
Casa das Historias Paula Rego: 38.695023, -9.424134

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