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All About Portugal | January 21, 2021

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The Azores gastronomy, an highlight of the archipelago

Clara Campos

The Azores gastronomy is rich and delicious Fish and seafood reign but the meat dishes are also wonderful Pineapple and sweet pastry end perfectly your meal

The Azores gastronomy is highly influenced by the gastronomy of Continental Portugal. However it tends to be spicier. Of course being an archipelago, the Azores gastronomy seizes all the wonders the Atlantic has to offer. Fresh fish is served either grilled or as main ingredient of stews and soups. Octopus is another star of the Azores gastronomy.

Visiting the Azores means enjoying magnificent seafood. Barnacles and limpets are gastronomic icons of the Azores gastronomy. As soon as you have the chance, try the “cavaco”, a tender lobster species from the Azorean waters.

Furnas CozidoPhoto by Galeria de macz_out

When traveling around any of the Azores islands, it is impossible not to notice the cows that populate the many and fertile green pastures. Therefore, if you are a meat lover, the Azores won’t disappoint you. Rump from Terceira Island is a must of the Azores gastronomy along with the incredible Cozido das Furnas from São Miguel. The cozido is cooked on holes on the ground by the hot steam of the volcanic vents (fumarolas). Yams with sausage are another delicacy of the Azores gastronomy.

If you go to the Azores during the Divine Holy Spirit Festivities, it is commendatory to try the Divine Holy Spirit Soup. This is a special Azorean soup prepared with meat and vegetables. It is probably one of the most famed dishes from the Azores gastronomy.

Delicacies from the Azores gastronomy

On what comes to desserts, they tend to be simple. A slice of the tasty Azores pineapple will be the perfect ending for your meal. Yet, for those having a sweet tooth, there are the queijadas from Graciosa Island (regional pastry made from milk and egg yolk). And don’t miss the chance to taste massa sovada, a delicious sweet bread.

Then there is the famed S. Jorge cheese! The also named “queijo da ilha” is one of my favorite Portuguese cheeses. Its unique taste is unforgettable.

To perfectly complement your meal try one of the delicious Azorean’s wines. The best known is “Verdelho” from Pico Island. However there are other high quality local wines, such as the one from Biscoitos from Terceira Island.

Where is Azores archipelago?

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Azores: 37.974515, -27.817383

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