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All About Portugal | February 26, 2021

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All About Portugal

Weather in Portugal

July 29, 2014 |

Weather in Portugal is one of the country’s highlights that attracts tourists from all over the world. How does the weather in Portugal varies?

Although Portugal’s climate is famed for offering plenty of sunshine and wonderful temperatures all year round, … Read More

Top 5 deserted beaches in the Algarve

July 28, 2014 |

No, there is nothing wrong with this post title. There are a few deserted beaches in the Algarve even during summer. Here are my favourite ones. 5 deserted beaches in the Algarve I treasure

When thinking about the Algarve in … Read More

Algarve: Portugal most famous region

January 13, 2013 |

Algarve Portugal’s south-most region and probably the most famed one, has a lot to offer besides the dazzling beaches of white sand.

Algarve, Portugal’s most famous region, is known by the amazing beaches of white sand and warm waters as … Read More

Faro, Portugal: Algarve’s capital

May 6, 2012 |

Faro, Portugal, is the Algarve’s capital, is a thrilling city waiting to be discovered, famed for its amazing beaches and the breathtaking Ria Formosa lagoon.

Faro, the Algarve’s capital, has been attracting inhabitants since the Palaeolithic age. Therefore it is … Read More

Algarve top 10 beaches

March 16, 2012 |

To elect the 10 best beaches in the Algarve isn’t easy. However, these are iconic examples of what is waiting for you in the Algarve region.

The Algarve is well-known for the beauty of its beaches of white sand and … Read More