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All About Portugal | March 5, 2021

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Surfing in Ericeira, what a thrill!

Surfing in Ericeira
Clara Campos

Surfing in Ericeira is a thrill, thus this Surfing World Reserve has some of the best waves of the world at the amazing Ribeira d’Ilhas or Coxos beaches.

Are you a surf fan? Do you wonder how is it possible to cut the waves standing on a board? Do you dream doing the same moves as Kelly Slater, Laird Hamilton or Taj Burrow? If so, Ericeira is the right place for you to go. After all, Ericeira is the only World Surfing Reserve in Europe.
This beautiful fishing village near Lisbon is considered the Portuguese Meca of surf due to its internationally renowned spots such as Ribeira d’Ilhas, Pedra Branca, Pedra Preta, Pontinha, Coxos beach, Cave, Reef and São Lourenço where some of the best waves of the world can be found. Yet, many of professional surfers choose Ericeira for their vacations not only for the perfect waves, but also for the good vibes ambience and the good food of the area.
saca-pires-surfing-ericeiraSince 1985 Ericeira hosts successfully the ASP (WQS) world championship and has been recently distinguished by Save the Waves Coalition with the title of Surfing World Reserve, the second in the world and the first and only in Europe.
Ericeira is also the refugee of the Portuguese best surfer ever, Tiago “Saca” Pires, ranking 21st in 2010, who started to surf on the waves of the lovely São Lourenço beach at weekends. Even though he surfs all over the world, Ericeira remains as one of “Saca’s” favorite places to practice this sport: In fact, he he returns to to the beautiful Ericeira whenever he can.

However, surfing in Ericeira is not just for professionals. It is also the perfect spot for those willing to take the first steps at this sport. There are plenty of schools in Ericeira area offering lessons with certified instructors.
In most of the cases, the school also places boards and suits at your disposal. There also surf camps providing several accommodation options along with surf lessons packages suitable for different surf levels. Check the website of the Portuguese Surf Federation for contacts.
Believe me when I say that surfing in Ericeira is going to a lifetime experience.

Surf in Ericeira

Other views on Surfing in Ericeira spot it as number 2 Surfing Spots In The World:

Ever since, Ericeira has been one of the renowned surfing spots in the world. And why not? With a wide variety of breaks. From the fast and hollow tubular surf of Coxo’s to the big wave territory of São Lorenzo. And then there’s what’s known as the Crazy Left, a bodyboarders’ dream spot.

Where is Ericeira?

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Ericeira 38.966493, -9.417617 Ericeira Surfing in Ericeira is a thrill, thus this Surfing World Reserve has some of the best waves of the world at the amazing Ribeira d\'Ilhas or Coxos beaches.Ericeira, Portugal (Directions)


  1. Mike

    wonderful post and video. I will go to Ericeira in late October. Where can I stay?

  2. This atrclie keeps it real, no doubt.

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