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All About Portugal | March 7, 2021

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Staying Fit And Holidaying In The Algarve

Staying Fit And Holidaying In The Algarve

The Algarve is an excellent choice of holiday destinations if you are looking for a great holiday with lots of activities to keep you fit.

A lot of people like to over indulge when they go on holiday. Two weeks of over eating, over drinking and possibly smoking too much is normal for a lot of people. A lot of people though are changing their lifestyles as they are more conscious about their health and as a result they look for more active holidays to help keep them fit when they go away. The Algarve is an excellent choice of holiday destinations if you are looking for a great holiday with lots of activities to keep you fit.

  •     Water Sports
  •     Golf
  •     Nature reserves
  •     Cycling
  •     Running/Jogging

There are lots on offer to help to burn off a few of those excess calories and you never know you may just be able to have some fun in the process!

Staying Active

If you are staying on one of the many coastal resorts in the Algarve, then you will have lots to keep you entertained whilst you enjoy your stay. Try getting up in the morning and go for a run or even a walk along the beach, you get to take in some great scenery and also get some exercise before the sun comes up too far and it starts to get hot. There are lots of golf courses available all over the Algarve so the budding Tiger Woods out there will be spoilt for choice in which course to play. If you partner plays but you do not, it may be nice to go out with them and enjoy the walk and fresh air as they bash the little golf ball around the course. There are also lots of places that you can hire a bike from and get out to see the countryside from your saddle. This is a great way to truly explore and see some of the more unseen sights off the beaten track. You can also find some great cafes and restaurants where you can relax and enjoy some of the fine cuisine as well. There are also all manner of water sports available in the Algarve. A lot of resorts will have their own pool but you are also close to the beach as well.

  •     Big Game Fishing
  •     Sailing
  •     Windsurfing
  •     Kite Surfing
  •     Scuba Diving

All of the activities you would expect to find in a popular tourist destination can be found in the Algarve and there is certainly something to suit all tastes and ages. There are also lots of water parks available where you can all go and cool off after staying active on your holiday. Even here though you will get some exercise so it just goes to show, exercising can be fun as well!

Enjoying your food and drink

Generally a lot of the food along the Mediterranean coast is considered to be very healthy with the local inhabitants enjoying long and healthy lives. As you would expect along the coast there is a lot of sea food on the menu with a lot of it being local and freshly caught. Added with local fresh ingredients as well, Portugal has some lovely food on offer for the most sophisticated of tastes. There is also an abundance of local wine and sherry on offer as well so it is easy to see how people overindulge when they go on holiday here. Just because you are on holiday does not mean that you need to eat twice your normal amount and drink from noon till midnight. If you did this then you are not going to be in a fit stat to actually enjoy everything that the Algarve has to offer as you will be hiding in your hotel room recovering from a hangover. This does not mean that you cannot enjoy your food and drink when you are there, just in moderation. Eat good food and enjoy what you eat, but do not eat yourself till you cannot move comfortably or drink until you cannot walk. Take your time when you eat, drink your favourite tipple but also drink plenty of water as well to make sure that you do not get too dehydrated as this is what causes a hangover. You can still have a couple of party nights when you go on holiday to the Algarve, just try not to do it for two weeks solid and make sure that you get to enjoy what is on offer in this wonderful and beautiful part of Portugal.

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This article was written by Ted Hunter on behalf of Travel Republic. Travel Republic has some of the best deals available on holidays to Algarve. Ted is a seasoned traveller who has visited over 60 countries around the world and enjoys sharing his experiences in his blogs and articles.

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