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All About Portugal | February 26, 2021

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Sintra’s Travesseiros

Sintra Travesseiros
Clara Campos

Travesseiros de Sintra are famed worldwide. A visit to this romantic Portuguese village isn’t complete without tasting a few of these cakes

Going to Sintra and don’t stop at Piriquita for a travesseiro is like going to Rome and not to see the Pope. Thinking about Sintra travesseiros and Piriquita takes me back to the sweet years of my adolescence when I went there each 1st of January for the first breakfast of the year: a warm Sintra travesseiro and a long white coffee that helped me to recover from the long, long New Years Eve.

Travesseiros, delicacy of Sintra

These pastries, which name came from its shape, similar to a travesseiro (pillow in English), are made of puff pastry filled with an egg and almond cream, sprinkled with sugar. Sounds divine, don’t you think? The thousands of people who every weekend face the long lines in front of Piriquita’s door waiting for their turn to eat at least one travesseiro coming out of the oven vouch for the quality and unforgettable flavour of these cakes.

Even though they are sold in many places, even outside Sintra, the real ones are found at Piriquita, a confectionery in the heart of the amazing romantic village. Travesseiros came from a long family tradition based on a business that begun during the XIX century when Constança Gomes, nicknamed by Don Carlos as Piriquita, established a queijada’s factory that still works today.

After decades producing queijadas de Sintra, the daughter of Constança Gomes, Luísa dos Santos Cunha, tried the travesseiros recipe for the first time during the 1940s. The success was such that people came from far away just to eat them. Nowadays, travesseiros are probably the most known and exported product of Sintra.

For those who aren’t coming to Sintra soon, here is the recipe of travesseiros. I know the result is not the same, but it is quite similar.

Other views on Sintra’s Travesseiros

Casa do Valle on it’s blog said:

These long, sugar coded ‘pillows’ are best still warm, and they are freshly made all through the day. The outside is a flaky shell, inside filling is with egg yolk and sugar and almond….

Where to find Sintra’s Travesseiros

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Sintra Traveseiros 38.796739, -9.390508 Sintra TravesseirosTravesseiros de Sintra are famed worldwide. A visit to this romantic Portuguese village isn\'t complete without tasting a few of these cakesPiriquita-antiga Fábrica De Queijadas Lda, Rua Padarias, Sintra, Portugal (Directions)

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Sintra Travesseiros


  1. Anna

    Yummy! I want some of those…

  2. Antonio

    2 weeks ago, I’ve spent 2 wonderful days in Sintra and I’ve experienced these magnificent “sugar coded pillows”.
    Does anyone knows some place in the New Jersey area where I can find them?

  3. Nancy

    Thanks for the share!

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