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All About Portugal | March 7, 2021

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Restaurants in Vilamoura

Restaurants in Vilamoura
Clara Campos

Restaurants in Vilamoura are magnificent. The most famed restaurants in Vilamoura are at the marina. However, there are other options a little bit out further from the center. These are less expensive. They also offer good food. The offer of restaurants in Vilamoura is huge. Therefore, the choice is difficult. I hope my suggestions are helpful.

Photo by Galeria de Girolame

My top 5 restaurants in Vilamoura

Restaurant Pirata

O Pirata

Aldeia dos Navegantes, Volta dos Plátanos

Phone: +351 289 31 31 81



Grilled fish rocks here. The risottos are also delicious. The place has a swimming pool as a pleasant extra. It is the perfect place to celebrate with friends and family.

restaurant o colonialO Colonial

Address: Patios da Marina

8125 Vilamoura

Phone: +351 289 323 17

This restaurant is known for its local gastronomy. O Colonial also offers vegetarian dishes. The service provided is amazing.  It is one of the reasons why I go there every time I can. This place is good value for the money.

Restaurant Braganca MarBragança Mar

Edificio Delta Marina, Loja 7
8125 Vilamoura

Phone: + 351 289 316 376

This restaurant has a welcoming atmosphere. Bragança Mar offers traditional gastronomy. Bragança’s nice service is another plus of the restaurant. Besides it has great prices…

This photo of Braganca Mar is courtesy of TripAdvisor

restaurant the fisherman shackThe Fisherman’s Shack

Address: Olympus Aparthotel Complex, Vilamoura

Phone: +351 966 766 807

This restaurant is situated outside the marina. You may find it in the shopping mall underneath Olympus Aparthotel. At Fisherman’s Shack you will find wonderful homemade food. They offer reasonable prices. It may be advisable to make a reservation in advance.

Restaurant dom miguelDom Miguel

Av. da Marina Lj 11


Phone: +351 289 301 821


Dom Miguel is one of my favourite restaurants in Vilamoura. I just love the Monkfish. The Prawns Cataplana is memorable. Every time I get a seat outside, I don’t miss the chance to order the delicious Fillet Steak on Hot stone.
This photo of Dom Miguel is courtesy of TripAdvisor

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