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All About Portugal | March 7, 2021

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Restaurants in Sao Miguel

Restaurants in Sao Miguel
Clara Campos

Restaurants in Sao Miguel allow you to enjoy the great local gastronomy, including the Cozido das Furnas, cooked with the volcanic hot steam from fumarolas.

Restaurants in Sao Miguel are as good as the hotels. They offer you the chance to taste the wonderful local gastronomy. At the table you will have all the wonders the sea has to offer. Fresh fish and shellfish are the stars on the menu.

Those who visit Sao Miguel can’t miss the chance of enjoying the famed “Cozido das Furnas”: The meat, vegetables and smoked sausages stew cooked inside a hole on the ground on the Furnas Valley. The Azores have a volcanic origin therefore the volcanic vents or “fumarolas” are used to cook. On the list of my favourite restaurants in Sao Miguel I have included one serving the “Cozido”.

My Top 5 restaurants in Sao Miguel


O Miroma restaurant
This photo of O Miromais courtesy of TripAdvisor

Address: Rua Doutor Frederico Moniz Pereira 15

9675-055 Furnas

Phone: +351 296 584 422


This is the right place to taste the famed “Cozido das Furnas”. The restaurant uses the hot steam of the fumarolas to prepare its dishes. Due to its well-deserved fame, I advise you to make a reservation.

O Gato Mia

O Gato Mia

Address: Av. Fulgencio F Marques 13 – Ribeirinha

9600-312 Ribeira Grande

Phone: +351 296 479 420



The excellence of the food makes O Gato Mia one of the best restaurants in Sao Miguel. The service is first class. The freshness of the fish served is famed. And if you are an octopus fan, you just have to try “Polvo na Telha”, octopus backed on an olive base.

Paladares da Quinta

Paladares da Quinta

Address: Canada de Santa Barbara, 40 – Rosário

9560-141 Lagoa

Phone: +351 296 965 306


Paladares da Quinta is one of the most elegant restaurants in Sao Miguel. I just love the exquisite ambience of this place. Furthermore, the food is amazing.


Garajau restaurant
This photo of Garajauis courtesy of TripAdvisor

Address: Rua Dr. Frederico Moniz Pereira

9675-174 São Miguel

Phone: +351 296 584 678/0


This is one of the best restaurants in Sao Miguel to taste regional cuisine, mainly fresh fish. The staff makes us feel at home. The magnificent rustic decoration resembles the ancient regional kitchens.

São Pedro Restaurant

Sao Pedro restaurant
This photo of Restaurante Sao Pedrois courtesy of TripAdvisor

Address: Largo Almirante Dunn 23

9500-092 Ponta Delgada

Phone: +351 296 28 1600


This is one of the restaurants in Sao Miguel I always visit every time I go to the Island. The extensive menu is filled with excellent options for a magnificent meal. I particularly enjoy the swordfish.

My Top 5 restaurants in Sao Miguel

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