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All About Portugal | March 5, 2021

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Restaurants in Sao Jorge Island

Restaurants in Sao Jorge Island
Clara Campos

Restaurants in Sao Jorge Island offer the wonderful and tasty gastronomy of the Azores. Fresh fish and seafood reign but the real star is Sao Jorge cheese.

Restaurants in Sao Jorge Island, like its hotels, are pleasant.
Even though they are not the fanciest restaurants in the world, they offer first-class food.

My favourite restaurants in Sao Jorge Island

Fresh fish and seafood are the main stars of the menus of all restaurants in Sao Jorge, as it happens on all other Azorean islands. Of course the chefs and cookers do their best to take the most out of the magnificent ingredients offered by Nature.
In Sao Jorge, our meals should always include a slice – or two, or three – of the delicious Sao Jorge cheese. It is simply irresistible!

Os Amigos restaurant

Os Amigos restaurant

Address: Rua Nova

9850-042 Calheta

Phone: +351 295 416 421

In this modern restaurant, Sao Jorge clams, “bifanas” (pork sandwiches) and rump are my first choices from the menu. The friendliness of the staff is the other reason why Amigos is on the list of my favourite restaurants in Sao Jorge Island.

Açor restaurant

Açor restaurant

Address: Largo da Matriz, 41

9800-551 Velas

Phone: + 351 295 412 362


This is one of the best restaurants in São Jorge Island to taste the genuine Azorean food. From the menu I would like to enhance the grilled Azorean tuna steak. It is truly magnificent!

Fornos de Lava

Fornos de Lava

Address: Travessa de São Tiago, 46

9800-34 Santo Amaro

Phone: +351 295 432 415

Runned by a Galician who fall in love with the Azores, Fornos de Lava presents Spanish and Azorean dishes. What makes Fornos de Lava one of the most distinctive restaurants in Sao Jorge Island is the fact that the food is cooked on grill and on a wood oven. The ingredients used are mostly biological.

Besides it works on a lovely building made of stone, wood and glass, facing a breath taking view.

O Manezinho

O Manézinho

Address: Canada do Açougue

9800-429 Urzelina, Velas

Phone: + 351 295 414 484

It is one of the coziest restaurants in São Jorge Island due to its familiar ambience. O Manézinho serves the wonderful regional gastronomy from the Island. Every time I go there I choose one of the fish dishes for its freshness.

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Photo by Galeria de Aitor Salaberria

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