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All About Portugal | January 17, 2021

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Restaurants in Pico Island

Restaurants in Pico Island
Clara Campos

Restaurants in Pico Island are magnificent. They all offer visitors the great opportunity to taste all the gastronomic delicacies of the Azores archipelago.

Restaurants in Pico Island are famed for the tasty food they serve. They are magnificent representatives of the Azores gastronomy.

The fresh fish and seafood as well as the tender beef are the island’s gastronomic ex-libris.
There are amazing restaurants in Pico Island therefore it wasn’t the easiest task in the world to chose my favourites. However, from the many available good options, I chose the ones below not just for the food served but also for the friendliness of the staff and the atmosphere they offer.

Some of the listed restaurants offer such amazing views that alone would granted them a place on this top.

Restaurants in Pico Island I recommend

Canto do Paco

Canto do Paço

Address: Rua do Ramal – Prainha

9940-062 São Roque do Pico

Phone: +351 292 655 020



The beauty of the space makes Canto do Paço one of the most elegant restaurants in Pico Island. The food served and the service are equally remarkable. Polvo à Lagareiro and the steak are my favourite dishes at Canto do Paço.

Ponta da Ilha

Address: Farol da Manhenha

9930-209 Piedade

Phone: +351 292 666 708

Located near the Manhenha lighthouse, Ponta da Ilha stands out from the restaurants in Pico Island due to the fish dishes. After all, the fish is caught by the restaurant’s owner.

O Ancoradouro

O Ancoradouro

Address: Rua João Lima Whitton da Terra

9950-302 Madalena

Phone: +351 292623490

The magnificente view to Faial Island alone would grant this Ancoradouro a place on this list of best restaurants in Corvo Island. However the great service and the delicious food served are also a plus. I recommend the restaurant’s famed steak.

Fish lovers won’t be disappointed with the sea bass and limpets cataplana.

Adega a Buraca

Adega A Buraca

Address: Estrada Regional, 35

9940-232 Santo António São Roque do Pico

Phone: +351 292 642 119


This is not a conventional restaurant. This is place that recreates the ambience of a regional adega. So why is it on this list of the recommended restaurants in Pico Island? Because it gives us the opportunity to taste all the gastronomic delicacies of the Island. Pico cheese, yams, local sausages and other tidbits are served with the local best wines and fruit spirits.

It also gives visitors the chance to discover the traditions linked to the old wine growing way of life.

A Parisiana

A Parisiana

Address: Rua Alexandre Herculano

9950-301 Madalena

Phone: +351 292 623 771

The wonderful view over the sea and the Faial Island is reason enough for A Parisiana to be on this list of my favourite restaurants in Pico Island. From the delicious dishes I would like to enhance the ones prepared with the fishes from the Azorean coast.

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Photo by Galeria de monteregina

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