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All About Portugal | January 17, 2021

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Restaurants in Graciosa Island

Restaurants in Graciosa Island
Clara Campos

Restaurants in Graciosa Island are as good as the Island’s hotels. They serve the wonderful gastronomy from the Azores archipelago and international dishes.

Restaurants in Graciosa Island serve wonderful food, inspired by local products.
Obviously the fish and seafood served are of prime quality. Their freshness is remarkable. Aside the quality of the ingredients I would like to enhance the mastery these restaurant’s chefs have in preparing them to offer amazing dishes. Here the Azores gastronomy is the star.
Another highlight of the restaurants in Graciosa Island is the friendliness of their staffs, always prompt to answer your requests.

The quality of the restaurants listed below rivals with the elegance of the Island’s hotels. Without a doubt they also contribute for making Graciosa Island a great destination for your holidays.

Best restaurants in Graciosa Island

Europa (O Moirinho)

Address: Pedras Brancas 31

9880-171 Luz

Phone: +351 295 712 592

The ambience is casual and the food is unpretentious but tasty. Is a reference amongst all restaurants in Graciosa Island. The grilled fish is always a sure option. However, for meat lovers I recommend the roasted kid.

Quinta das Grotas

Quinta das Grotas

Address: EM 1010, 28


9880-026 Santa Cruz da Graciosa

Phone: +351 295 712 334

This is a cozy and traditional restaurant. The tasty homemade food is served with a touch of inovation. What makes this one of the best restaurants in Graciosa Island is the fact that the food is cooked on a wood oven.



Address: Porto da Barra

9880-378 Santa Cruz da Graciosa

Phone: +351 295 730 500



It is the restaurant of the Graciosa Resort & Business Hotel. Thus it is one of the most exquisite restaurants in Graciosa Island. It serves fusion food that combines regional, national and international gastronomies.

A Coluna

Address: Largo Barão de Guadalupe, 10

9880-344 Santa Cruz da Graciosa

Phone: +351 295 712 333

This is a family restaurant therefore the ambience is relaxed and cozy. The food is excellent that is why I chose it as one of my favourite restaurants in Graciosa Island. From the fish dishes I advise the fried octopus. It to die for! On the other hand, the “cozido à Portuguesa” (Portuguese cozido) is my favourite meat dish. To end your meal nothing like a Queijada da Graciosa, the Island’s traditional pastry.

Apolo 80

Address: Rua Dom João IV 4

9880-375 Santa Cruz da Graciosa

Phone: +351 295 712 660

Although small in size it is one of the best restaurants in Graciosa Island. The seafood rice is heavenly! Besides I can’t resist to the rump cooked according to the traditional recipe from Terceira Island.

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Photo by Galeria de Zé Pinho

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