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All About Portugal | March 7, 2021

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Restaurants in Faial Island

Restaurants in Faial Island
Clara Campos

Restaurants in Faial Island are famed for the quality of the fresh fish and seafood they serve. They are also specialized in the tasty Portuguese gastronomy

Restaurants in Faial Island, as the hotels, are well-known by their quality.

My favourite restaurants in Faial Island

The majority offers fresh fish and seafood as main dishes, honoring the magnificent Azorean gastronomy. However, meat dishes are equally delicious; after all, cattle raising is one of the main economic activities of the Azores.
There are some restaurants in Faial Island I always visit when I go there. Below are the ones I would like to share with you.

Peter's Cafe

Photo by Galeria de monteregina

Peter’s Cafe Sport

Address: Rua José Azevedo, 9

9900-027 Horta

Phone: +351 292 292 327


Peter’s is much more than one of the restaurants in Faial Island. It is a symbol of the Island! In fact, there is a saying stating that “If you sail to Horta and you don’t visit Peter’s, you have not actually been to Horta.” If at first Peter’s was the favourite shelter for yachtsmen, nowadays the Cafe is sought for almost every tourist coming to Faial. The majority comes looking for the famed gin & tonic and the unique lively atmosphere.

However, believe me when I say that the food is as good as its gin. And, of course, you shouldn’t miss the opportunity to visit Peter’s Scrimshaw Museum opened since 1986.

This photo of Medalhas is courtesy of TripAdvisor


Address: Rua Serpa Pinto, 22

9900-095 Horta

Phone: +351 292 391 026

Inaugurated in 1954 Medalhas has a large tradition. In fact, this is one of the most traditional restaurants in Faial Island. It keeps the old spirit of the old taverns with its traditional food served on clay dishes. The restaurant is also characterized by its stone walls and its inner traditional arches.

Ponta Furada Restaurant

Ponta Furada

Address: Lajinha – Feteira

9900-369 Horta

Phone: +351 292 943 815

This is one of the best restaurants in Faial Island on what concerns fresh fish and seafood. It is one of the greatest places to enjoy the good Azorean gastronomy. The service is another of the highlights of the Ponta Furada.

A Arvore Restaurant is one of the amazing restaurants in Faial Island
This photo of Restaurante A Arvore is courtesy of TripAdvisor

A Árvore

Address: Rua da Conceição, 23

9900-080 Horta

Phone: +351 292 392 500

This is one of the restaurants in Faial Island serving the wonderful Portuguese gastronomy. A Árvore is one of my favourite places to enjoy a Cozido à Portuguesa. The Feijoada is also divine. A Árvore proofs that cheap prices don’t mean poor quality. On the contrary!

Canto da Doca Restaurant
This photo of Canto da Doca is courtesy of TripAdvisor

Canto da Doca

Address: Rua Nova Angústias

9900-023 Horta

Phone: +351 292 292 444

This is one of the most particular restaurants in Faial Island. What I really enjoy here is the fact that every client intervenes in the cooking process. Every guest gets its own hot stone to cook the cut of fish or meat ordered. These are served with fries, salad and delicious sauces.

Main image credits

Photo by Galeria de Ulrich Thumult

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