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All About Portugal | March 2, 2021

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Portugal Cruises: Choice Cuisine & Cultural Delights

Cruise ship in Lisbon
Karolina Shenton

Portugal as a cruising destination is filled with exciting cultural and historical attractions, delicious
fare, and beautiful natural scenery.

Portugal (Lisbon in particular) is a popular port-of-call in many Mediterranean cruise itineraries on a number of different cruise vacations, with ships ranging from massive vessels to smaller river lines.

Let’s take a look at some of the most intriguing features of a cruise to Portugal.

Gorgeous Natural Scenery/Wildlife

Portugal is a destination that exhibits vibrant wildlife and natural beauty. The River Tagus is the longest
river on the Iberian Peninsula, which supplies drinking water to a majority of central Spain and has been
the inspiration for both song and literature.

Another must-see is the Botanical Garden, a subtropical showcase of plants and flowers located in the Principe Real district of Lisbon. This fantastic place makes
for a serene and tranquil day. For wildlife lovers, the Serra da Arrábida and Serra de Sintra contain
paths along the coast and through the forest that are filled with diverse and exciting wildlife, like the
flamboyant flamingoes near the water!

Cultural Discovery/Delicious Fare

Another important aspect of a cruise destination is the history and culture. Portugal offers some
incredible cultural attractions and the opportunity to expand your personal palate. Viewing the
architecture is a great way to discover the influences that have shaped the region in the past—from
Romanesque to Baroque.

In the city of Lisbon there are some incredible museums to see like the Museu Nacional de Arte Antiga (Ancient Art) and the Museu Nacional do Traje e da Moda (Costume and Fashion). You can enjoy the musical culture by visiting Lisbon’s Opera House, or immerse yourself in the
football obsession by attending a Sporting Clube de Portugal or Benfica game. The monuments in Lisbon will also charm you.

The rich and robust style of cuisine that you will find in Portugal is interesting because it has been
influenced by both the Mediterranean region and the former colonial cultures, which has created
something unique and refreshing. You should certainly try some fresh, local seafood dishes, especially
because the natives find happiness in cooking their ingredients as many different ways as possible.

More adventurous vacationers will have the opportunity to try some strange dishes—because of their history the Portuguese will cook with tripe, lungs, liver, and the blood of the pig or lamb! Lastly, you can try some of the best wines in the world, as this region traditionally consumes a healthy amount. Try the
Vinho Verde (‘Green’ Wine), only produced in the North of Portugal.

As you can see, Portugal is a cruising destination that is filled with incredible natural beauty, showcases
diverse and enthralling cultural and historical attractions, and offers a unique culinary experience. Each
cruise line and ship is different, so it’s important to talk to your travel agent and do your research if you
are planning a Mediterranean cruise. Keep cruising!

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