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All About Portugal | May 30, 2017

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Lisbon is the 4th most beautiful city in the world!

Lisbon is the 4th most beautiful city in the world
Clara Campos

Lisbon is the 4th most beautiful city in the world according to the travel site Urban City Guides that included the Portuguese capital on its top 10 most beautiful cities in the world.

The reasons why Lisbon is the 4th most beautiful city in the world

The privileged location – “Magnificently sited on a series of hills running down to the grand Tagus River, Lisbon is one of the world’s most scenic cities” – is the first reason why Urban city Guides believes that Lisbon is the 4th most beautiful city in the world.

And it is this location that offers “Beautiful unexpected views are found at every turn down its colorful, picturesque streets, and especially from strategically-placed viewpoints or terraces at the top of each hill.”

Then, Urban City Guides enhances Lisbon’s unique ambience coming from the city’s authenticity. In fact, what charmed Urban City Guides was Lisbon’s “effortless beauty with captivating details such as cobbled designs, tiled façades, and pastel-colored buildings blending together to give it a singular atmosphere now lost in so many other cities.”

Lisbon ranked 4th on a list headed by Venice, Paris and Prague. Rio the Janeiro occupies the 5th place, followed by Amsterdam, Florence and Rome. The two last positions belong to Budapest and Bruges, respectively.

Besides the reasons mentioned by Urban City Guides, there are many other reasons that justify the singular charm of the Portuguese capital. The incredible light of Lisbon is one of its visiting cards and it enhances its beauty; The amazing monuments in Lisbon mirror the rich past of the country; and last, but not least, there is the people with a kindness of its own, always ready to give a warm welcome to the ones who visit Lisbon.


Photo by HereIsTom

However, it is not just Lisbon that shines on Urban City Guides. Portugal as a whole also rocks. The country reaches 6th on the top 10 most beautiful countries in the world, only surpassed by Italy, Spain, France, Australia and Greece. USA, Brazil, South Africa and Germany complete the list.

The choice of Portugal is wonderfully justified by the sentence that sums it up “Everything is in a small scale but when all combined it’s impressive how so much diverse beauty somehow fits in such a tiny country that seems to be a favorite of the sun.”

Where is Lisbon?

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Caso dos Bicos: 38.709487, -9.131876
Hieronymites monastery: 38.697952, -9.207166
Belem Tower: 38.691799, -9.215732
Lisbon Cathedral: 38.709809, -9.133244
São Jorge Castle: 38.713891, -9.133637
Estrela Basílica: 38.713474, -9.160495
Ajuda National Palace: 38.707549, -9.197702
National Pantheon: 38.714994, -9.124684
Carmo convent: 38.712070, -9.140551
Monument to the Discovers: 38.693597, -9.205712
Pastel de Belem: 38.697455, -9.203229
A severa: 38.711767, -9.143415
A Tasca do Chico: 38.711628, -9.144132
Adega Mesquita: 38.712731, -9.144200
Cafe Luso: 38.713084, -9.143748
Marques da Se: 38.709337, -9.131338
O Faia: 38.711704, -9.144495
Dragão de Alfama: 38.712599, -9.128248
Senhor Fado: 38.713076, -9.125750
Senhor Vinho: 38.709938, -9.157859
Bairro Alto: 38.710577, -9.150481
Lisboa Story Centre: 38.707206, -9.133351
Parque das Nacoes: 38.768632, -9.095858
Alfama: 38.711204, -9.127723
Bairro Alto Hotel: 38.710336, -9.143296
Lisbon’s Oceanario: 38.763588, -9.093658
National Museum of Broughams: 38.697557, -9.199496
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Coxos beach: 39.000000, -9.416667
Belem Tower: 38.691799, -9.215732
Hieronymites monastery: 38.697952, -9.207166
Monument to the Discoveries: 38.693597, -9.205712
Multimedia show Lisbon: 38.713891, -9.133637

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Photo by chilangoco


  1. Recently returned from Buenos Aires, Argentina in February and contemplating my next vacation. Thanks for your recommendation of Lisbon! I’m starting my research. RP

    • Clara Campos

      You are welcome, Robin!
      Hope you find All About Portugal’s articles on Lisbon helpful for your research.

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