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All About Portugal | January 25, 2021

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Lisbon is one of the world’s most romantic cities

Lisbon is one of the world’s most romantic cities
Clara Campos

Lisbon is one of the world’s most romantic cities according to the list of Food & Travel. The list includes 24 other cities, including the inevitable Paris.

Lisbon is one of the world’s most romantic cities according to Food & Wine.

The magazine from the American Express elected 25 cities  “where the vistas, architecture and food can inspire passion and even marriage proposals.” Lisbon is on that list, so what about consider a visit to the Portuguese capital now that Valentine’s Day is coming?

The reasons

Lisbon is one of the world’s most romantic cities due to the unique way that it combines its glorious past with the present, turning it into one of Europe’s best cultural destinations. While monuments in Lisbon express the country’s glorious past, the hustle and bustle of the city reflects the cosmopolitan ambience of today. Lisbon also has the added advantage of being one of the most affordable European capitals. After all, “Although Lisbon embraces the past, its glorious old buildings house new restaurants, clothing boutiques and museums that have made the city one of Europe’s hippest—and most affordable—cultural destinations.”

For a perfect and romantic getaway, Food & Wine suggests a stay at Bairro Alto Hotel as the rooms of this five star hotel “blend traditional Portuguese design with luxe touches…”. Bairro Alto hotel is located in Bairro Alto, Lisbon’s trendy district. Of course there are many other hotels in Lisbon, suitable for all pockets.

As romance also combines with a wonderful meal, Food & Wine recommends Restaurante 560, named after the identity code of the Portuguese products and brands. Thus, of course, in this restaurant guests may enjoy the delicious Portuguese gastronomy.

Both Bairro Alto Hotel and Restaurante 560 are magnificent choices, however Lisbon has plenty other options on what it comes to hotels and restaurants.

The other 24 most romantic cities in the world

The list from Food & Wine stating that Lisbon is one of the world’s most romantic cities includes other 24 urban destinations from all five continents: Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), Paris, Rome, San Sebastian, Vienna, Prague, Budapest, Dubrovnik, Copenhagen, Bruges, Edinburg, Istanbul, Buenos Aires (Argentina), São Francisco, New york, Charleston, Montreal, Kyoto, Fez, Jaipur (India), Shanghai (China), Melbourne e Wellington (Australia).

Where is Lisbon?

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Caso dos Bicos: 38.709487, -9.131876
Hieronymites monastery: 38.697952, -9.207166
Belem Tower: 38.691799, -9.215732
Lisbon Cathedral: 38.709809, -9.133244
São Jorge Castle: 38.713891, -9.133637
Estrela Basílica: 38.713474, -9.160495
Ajuda National Palace: 38.707549, -9.197702
National Pantheon: 38.714994, -9.124684
Carmo convent: 38.712070, -9.140551
Monument to the Discovers: 38.693597, -9.205712
Pastel de Belem: 38.697455, -9.203229
A severa: 38.711767, -9.143415
A Tasca do Chico: 38.711628, -9.144132
Adega Mesquita: 38.712731, -9.144200
Cafe Luso: 38.713084, -9.143748
Marques da Se: 38.709337, -9.131338
O Faia: 38.711704, -9.144495
Dragão de Alfama: 38.712599, -9.128248
Senhor Fado: 38.713076, -9.125750
Senhor Vinho: 38.709938, -9.157859
Bairro Alto: 38.710577, -9.150481
Lisboa Story Centre: 38.707206, -9.133351
Parque das Nacoes: 38.768632, -9.095858
Alfama: 38.711204, -9.127723
Bairro Alto Hotel: 38.710336, -9.143296
Lisbon’s Oceanario: 38.763588, -9.093658
National Museum of Broughams: 38.697557, -9.199496
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617
Coxos beach: 39.000000, -9.416667
Belem Tower: 38.691799, -9.215732
Hieronymites monastery: 38.697952, -9.207166
Monument to the Discoveries: 38.693597, -9.205712
Multimedia show Lisbon: 38.713891, -9.133637
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