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All About Portugal | March 7, 2021

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International Port wine Day

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Clara Campos

The Center for Wine Origins announced the celebration of the International Port wine Day January 27, in order to promote and celebrate Port wine.

The Center for Wine Origins, an organization headquartered in Washington, D.C. and founded in 2005 by the wine growing regions of Champagne, France, and Porto, Portugal, mainly to promote and protect unique wines, announced that January 27th will be the International Port wine Day. This event intends to encourage” the celebration of this truly unique wine that only comes from Portugal” as one may read on the Center site. In fact, besides promoting this Portuguese wine, the International Port wine aims to protect the name and the origins of the true Port wine against the forgeries that are invading the markets.

True Port wine only comes from Portugal, from one of the oldest regulated and demarcated wine regions of the world and can only be produced with Port grapes grown in the terraces of the Douro Valley under strict controls. The rugged mountains of the area contribute for the hot and dry climate that, along with the arid soil, make Port wine distinctive from all other wines.

Consumer may join the celebrations of the International Port Day online by blogging, tweeting, posting and sharing their thoughts by using the #PortDay hashtag. Besides they can participate on the numerous tastings that are being organized across the USA. For further information, go to

One of the celebrations’ highlight is the contest hosted by the Center to encourage consumers to photograph their favorite Port wines. To win the iPad 2 prize, you just have to send a picture of an authentic Port label to with the subject line as “Port Day 2012 Photo Contest Entry” or post the picture to your Facebook profile and tag yourself and the Center for Wine Origins in the picture. The winner will be selected randomly and is going to be announced on January 25. Go to for the complete contest.


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