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All About Portugal | March 7, 2021

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Golf Holidays in Portugal

Golf Holidays in Portugal

This article focuses on golf in Portugal, therefore there are described and mentioned several golf courses. Particular emphasis is given to tourism & golf.

Mark Twain once was quoted as saying, “Golf is a good walk spoiled.” I’m sure there are millions of avid golfers out there who disagree, especially those who ride in electric powered carts and don’t carry their bags anymore. Truthfully though, my grandfather loved the game and passed it down to my father and though I don’t play as often as I might like, I still have a deep respect for this old game.

Around the world an entire industry has been created based on the sheer numbers of people who love to play 18 holes on a beautiful sunny day. There are resorts that have their own private golf courses and cities that pay famous golfers to fly halfway around the world and design a course with their name attached to it for marketing purposes.

How do you cut through all that noise though and just find a good place to enjoy a half day of walking, riding or pulling around your clubs? How to avoid spending hours on the computer or phone deciding which course to play today? Which city to visit next when you want to escape with your friends? The simple answer is to just go play.

The more complex answer? Visit Portugal and don’t forget to film travel videos while you’re there playing. Known the world over for its golf friendly climate, Portugal surprisingly doesn’t have that many golf courses when compared to other European nations and really doesn’t have that many golfers either. It’s truly a paradox that millions from all over the world have taken a golf vacation here at some point in their adult lives.

Penha Longa Golf Club

Image Courtesy:  lele3100

The British introduced the game of gold to the country way back in the late 19th century when, according to legend, some wine exporters formed Oporto Niblicks Club in 1890 which was later renamed Oporto Golf Club in 1901. After which Sir Henry Cotton started the official golf boom with Penina which is the oldest course in the Algarve and dates back to 1966.

Since there are more than 70 courses scattered throughout the entire country it would be impossible to mention or talk about every single one in this brief article. The truth is that everyone has their favorites and as is the case with any ‘best of’ list, you must truly do your own research to find out which course is best suited for you and your style of play. Some are public, some are private and many are expensive.

That being said, there are a few that are worth checking out. The Monte Rei offers excellent views of the Serra do Caldeirão mountains, Oitavos Dunes has a mix of wooded and links-type holes, Oceânico Old is the oldest course at Vilamoura and San Lorenzo is set right alongside the Atlantic Ocean for beautiful views.

You won’t go wrong with Praia D’El Rey, Troia, Quinta de Cima, Furnas, Porto Santo or any of the others either. Portugal truly is a golfer’s paradise and wherever you end up playing and whoever you end up playing with, chances are good that you’ll have a holiday in Portugal that you won’t soon forget.

Author Bio:
This article was written on behalf of Insider Perks by golf enthusiast, Brian Searl.

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  1. It seems visiting Portugal to play golf will be put to my bucket list. Thanks for the idea

  2. Oh my, what a wonderful place! For sure your holidays were truly memorable. Hubby and I should check that place out and try golfing in there =)

    • clara

      Yes they were Nylarej! How about coming here and check for yourself the top quality of the golf holidays in Portugal? You won’t regret it!

  3. This blog help us to create idea to plan golf holidays in Portugal.

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