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All About Portugal | March 7, 2021

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Ericeira, Portugal – surf and much more

Ericeira Portugal surf and much more
Clara Campos

Ericeira is a lovely former fishing village that has become the European heart of surf, famed all over the world. Thanks to Ribeira d’Ilhas, Coxos and several other beaches offering perfect surf conditions, Ericeira has become the only World Surfing Reserve in Europe.

Ericeira has a charm of its own

I felt in love with Ericeira right at first glance. In fact, Ericeira cast a spell on me as soon as I saw for the first time its magnificent deep blue waters from the top of the cliff, locally known as Ribas. And since then Ericeira never ceases to amaze me no matter how often I go there and let me tell you I go there often!

In spite of its development, Ericeira still retains its old charm and is always a pleasure to wander along its narrow streets sided by small white houses, embellished with strokes of blue.

Exploring Ericeira’s streets is also the perfect way to discover local’s true essence. Echoes from their way of live come from the houses, which doors and windows are often open. And if by chance you come across with a group of elderly people sitting by their doors, chatting or playing cards, take the opportunity to ask them about Ericeira´s history. It is most likely that you will hear fascinating stories about the old fishing days and I am sure that they will tell you about the day when King Manuel II departure to exile from Praia dos Pescadores after the Republican revolution of October 5th 1910.

Ericeira the European surf Mecca

Nowadays, most of the tourists come to Ericeira in search of its amazing beaches, famed for having the perfect conditions for surfing. Coxos Beach or Ribeira d’Ilhas are attended by surfers from all over the world.

Ericeira Portugal surf and much more
Foto by Pedro Monteiro /

As a surf spot, Ericeira offers several surf schools were you may take the first steps in this sport. Most of the schools provide all the equipment needed including board and wetsuit.

However, if you are not the adventurous type, don’t worry. Ericeira has other beach options for you such as Praia dos Pescadores or Praia do Sul beaches.

Regardless your choice I am sure that you will have the most magnificent days in Ericeira and when you leave you will be as much in love with it as I am.

Ericeira Location

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Ericeira: 38.966493, -9.417617

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