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All About Portugal | January 21, 2021

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Discovering Pena

Pena Palace, Sintra Portugal
Clara Campos

Visiting Pena is an unforgettable experience, either you start by the magnificent Palácio Nacional da Pena or the luxuriant Parque da Pena.

Are you ready to walk? Good, as my suggestion for today is going to take you up and down the Pena Park, a natural park surrounding Pena Palace.

The entire complex comprising the Park and the Palace was born out of the will of a single man, King consort Don Fernando, husband of Queen Mary II.

In fact, Don Fernando felt in love with the astonishing landscape of Sintra and in particularly with the ruins of an ancient monastery devoted to Our Lady of Pena destroyed first by a lightning and then by the 1755 Earthquake that hit Lisbon and the surrounding areas. Out of these ruins he decided to build a palace, the Pena Palace that stands almost entirely on the rock.

Let me invite you to discover the overwhelming beauty of this Monument, considered one of the most impressive examples of the Romantic style built in Europe in the XIX century, rivaling in opulence with the famous Bavarian Neuschwanstein castle.

The first thing that impresses the visitors is the way that the vivid colors of the palace’s walls, painted in red and yellow, stand out of the green landscape of Serra de Sintra. Then, its variety of architectonic styles it depicts as well as the richness of the furniture and pieces of art that houses. At last but not least, is the magnificent view from the balconies and terraces. For all of these reasons it was classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO and elected one of the 7 Portuguese wonders.
Pena Palace sintra Portugal

Photo by To Uncertainty And Beyond

Inspired by the view and the romantic ambience of the Palace move on to explore Pena Park. Although tiring the experience it is going to be worthy. Walking along the trail of the park you will find exotic plants brought from all over the world, charming little corners, historical spots, lakes, fountains, tanks and amazing views that will help you to recover your strength. Of course you should not miss the chance to visit the many pavilions of the park, especially the Countess Chalet, built by Don Fernando for his second wife, the Countess of Edla.
Pena park, Sintra portugal
Pena is truly a must visit place whenever you decide to spend one day in Sintra.
At the end of the day, I suggest a reinvigorate stay at Lawrence’s hotel, the oldest hotel of the Iberian Peninsula. Up to now, the hotel maintains the charming romantic ambience that made it the favorite of some illustrious personalities such as Lord Byron and the Portuguese writer Eça de Queirós.

Pena Park Circuit

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