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All About Portugal | March 2, 2021

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Discovering Geres Mountain, North Portugal

Clara Campos

Discovering Geres Mountain is an amazing experience Portugal has to offer as this beautiful Mountain of the Minho region is a true Paradise.

Discovering Geres Mountain, situated in the astonishing Minho region, bordering with Spain, it means discovering a natural paradise where we truly feel to be at one with Nature, that offers breath-taking views and refreshing falls of crystal waters.

Every time I go to Geres there is a route I don’t miss for it includes some of the most iconic places of the region, namely Cascata do Tahiti (Tahiti falls), Cascata do Arado (Arado Falls) and Pedra Bela viewpoint, due to their unmatchable beauty.

Discovering Geres on foot

This sort of ritual track starts at the charming Geres village, famed for its thermal baths; from there I head towards Barragem da Caniçada until a crossroad on the left, indicating Ermida. Following that road there is another crossroad indicating Pedra Bela to the left and Cascata do Arado to the right. Turning left I reach Pedra Bela, one of the most beautiful viewpoints of Geres. A word of advice though, Pedra Bela is not the most pleasant place for those suffering from vertigo!
Old house - Geres
After enjoying the magnificent views and admiring the wild horses called “Garranos” that sometimes are spotted on the area, I turn back until the last mentioned crossroad. And this time to turn towards Cascata do Arado following the road until the bridge that connects the two river shores. Parking the car there, I climb the stone stairs, making the first stop at the Cascata do Arado belvedere to enjoy the water falling down and to recover my breath. Then I keep climbing all the way up to go for a swim on one of the lagoons formed by another amazing water fall when the weather is fine.
Geres - waterfall

After a reinvigorating swim it’s time to return to the car and turn back until the first crossroad I have mentioned, indicating Ermida. Following that indication, I go straight ahead for about 5 km until a crossroad indicating Cabril to the right. Carefully I follow the winding road down to the bridge over the Arado River. It’s then time to leave the car and go for a remarkable walk. I usually choose to go down by the right side of the bridge until the abandoned windmills and the small water falls that form some wonderful lagoons, which crystal water gives me strength to keep moving down, facing a track covered with brooms and blackberry bushes. Yet the effort is rewarded by the magnificent waterfall at the end of the track, known as Cascatas do Tahiti. This is indeed one of the most beautiful and largest water falls of the Geres Mountain and, for being surrounded by sand, is the perfect spot for a picnic and a well spend afternoon. And for these reasons I always come back every time!

Geres location

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Gerês 41.729101, -8.162219 Geres mountain Discovering Geres Mountain is an amazing experience Portugal has to offer as this beautiful Mountain of the Minho region is a true Paradise.Gerês, Portugal (Directions)


  1. There’s just so much to explore in Portugal but I am still wondering why they pale in comparison compared to their good old neighbor Spain in terms of their tourist arrivals. I believe their government should pump up their efforts to lure more tourists to discover their amazing country.

  2. Inez

    Hi! Wondering which town someone can stay in of they want to just do a days hike in the park. I will not have a car, therefore it needs to be somewhere that has bus connection to the national park. Do you know of anywhere? Thankyou!

    • clara

      Hi Inez,

      You can stay in the heart of Geres Park. There are a few hotels in Geres village that are a good starting point to explore the wonders of the national park. Here are two examples: Hotel Apartamentos Geres Ribeiro (self-catering apartments) or Aguas do Geres Hotel *** Termas & Spa.

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