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All About Portugal | March 2, 2021

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Alentejo coast a Portuguese gem

Alentejo coast
All About Portugal

Discovering Alentejo coast means finding out an amazing Portuguese region, with breath taking beaches, a rich culture and a tasty gastronomy.
Fortunately, Alentejo’s development didn’t spoiled the region’s natural beauty and there are wonderful hidden treasures waiting for you to discover them.
Besides, I am sure that you won’t resist to the Alentejo’s gastronomy, one of the region’s highlights!

Discovering Alentejo coast means to find one of the most hidden secrets of Portugal. And as soon you disclose it, you will fall in love with it.

Alentejo coast, an hidden treasure

For ages Alentejo coast has been sought by the Portuguese. They were well aware of the fabulous climate, as sunny as the Algarve and protected from the Atlantic winds by the Arrábida mountains. Above all, they came looking for paradise beaches away from the hordes of tourists that invade the most famed summer destinations throughout Europe.

Alentejo coast managed to escape the eagerness and greed of real estate speculators. Therefore it maintained its traditional landscape almost untouched. Alentejo coast  did the best to protect its natural beauty, namely by keeping tourist development within a small scale. This does not mean that there aren’t good lodging options in the region; on the contrary, Alentejo coast offers some of the best hotels and rural tourism facilities in Portugal.

The beaches

The unspoiled beaches of Alentejo coast are the ex-libris of the region. Starting from Tróia Peninsula the coastline offers more than 100 kilometres of sandy beaches and crystal waters like Comporta. The area is also blessed with Lagoa de Santo André and Lagoa de Melides. These are two amazing lagoon beaches, particularly suited for children.

Zambujeira do Mar

Then, Sines southwards right to the Algarve the landscape changes. The long sandy beaches give their way to cozy beaches nestled between cliffs that also hide impressive coves. The best of all is that many of these beaches aren’t easily accessed, so there are good chances that you will have it almost entirely to yourself.

Some of the most famed beaches of this area are near Porto Côvo, Vila Nova de Milfontes and Zambujeira do Mar. These are charming fishing villages that work perfectly as a base to discover the surroundings.


Yet, Alentejo coast has more to offer than its beaches. You may explore further inland and practice some water sports at the Campilhas Damm or Santa Clara Damm. You may go for a round of golf in one of the wonderful golf courses of the region.

Lagoa de Melides

Alentejo coast has much to offer in terms of culture and heritage. There you may discover Roman and Moorish traces. You may also enjoy the countless castles, palaces, manor houses, churches and convents existing in the region that witness its importance and the development.

The unspoiled landscape makes the area a paradise for nature lovers. The Tagus and Sado rivers are unique ecosystems that provide habits for with innumerous migratory birds. And of course, let’s not forget the dolphins! A boat trip to see and – who knows? – swim with the dolphins is a must do for those coming to the area.

The gastronomy

Last but not least there is the food. After all we are talking about a part of Portugal, right? Gastronomy is always a plus when it comes to my country, no matter the region! Fresh fish and shellfish are the stars of the menu, along with black pork dishes, seasoned with local aromatic herbs. And to enhance the magnificent local gastronomy Alentejo offers some of the best Portuguese wines, which quality has been recognized both in Portugal as abroad. Check the Wikipedia for some infos on Alentejo wines. Don’t you think it is time to taste them?

Discover Alentejo

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Comporta beach: 38.378807, -8.799362
Vila Nova de Milfontes: 37.724126, -8.782082
Marvão: 39.393945, -7.376536
Zmar camping: 37.524326, -8.785602

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