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All About Portugal | January 18, 2021

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Discover Lisbon under a new perspective with Hippotrip

Discover Lisbon with Hippotrip tours
Clara Campos

Discover Lisbon under a new perspective is the suggestion of Hippotrip tours that takes us through the city by land and sea on an amazing amphibious bus.

Hippotrip is a recently created tour operator that invites us to discover Lisbon under a new and exciting perspective. With Hippotrip tour we may enjoy the city from land and sea  without leaving the comfort of our own seat, while learning about the amazing Portuguese capital.

Discover Lisbon by land and sea

Hippotrip innovated the tours offer existing in Lisbon by creating a unique sightseeing experience that allow us to enjoy the Portuguese capital both by land and sea. And how is it possible, you may ask. The answer is quite simple: an amphibious bus! In fact, the all tour is done aboard an amphibious bus that takes tourists from land to sea and back again with all the comfort and safety.

Hippotrip offers an exciting and engaging city guide tour. Along the 90 minutes tour you may learn about the rich history and culture of Lisbon with the lively guides in both English and Portuguese. Aside historic facts, you will be told about some amazing tales of Lisbon.

The Hippotrip tour to discover Lisbon

Departing from Doca de Santo Amaro, a place locally called “Docas” set directly under the bridge 25 de Abril (the red bridge that resembles the San Francisco Bridge), Hippotrip takes us to the city center, across the imposing square of Praça do Comércio, the beautiful roundabout Marquês de Pombal and the lovely garden Jardim da Estrela. Then, the amphibious bus returns to the riverside area all the way to Belem parish.

After observing the imposing Hieronymites monastery it is time to enter the water to enjoy both the magnificent Belem Tower and the remarkable Monument to the DIscoveries from the sea.
Discover Lisbon on an amphibious bus
After 90 minutes of pure fun, the tour will end at the same place where it started – Doca de Santo Amaro.

For further information on schedules and tickets go to the Hippotrip tour’s site. 

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