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All About Portugal | March 3, 2021

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Castelo de Bode dam and lake, Tomar, Portugal

Castelo de Bode dam and lake, Tomar, Portugal
All About Portugal

Castelo de Bode dam and lake, located near Tomar city, is an amazing place where the green of the pine tree woods met the crystal blue of the Zêzere river.
It is an enchanted place of peace and tranquility waiting for you to discover it. The 2 hours drive from Lisbon are surely worthy and you can always take the opportunity to visit the wonderful Tomar city and its ex-libris, the magnificent Tomar Convent.

Castelo the Bode dam, situated southwest of Tomar, on the Zêzere River, a tributary of the Tagus River, is one of the most important Portuguese dams.

Castelo de Bode dam supplies water to Lisbon

With its 402 m width and 115 m high is a remarkable concrete arch-gravity construction work that uses the river waters both to produce hydroelectricity and to stabilize the water level, preventing floods on the Lisbon area, since 1951. In addition, it supplies water to 3 million people living in the Lisbon region.

The lake formed by the Castelo de Bode dam stretches out across 60 km of valleys and mountains, creating an idyllic landscape that combines perfectly the lively green of the pine forest on the shores with the crystal blue of the river waters. Along the way you will find enchanted little corners as well as charming river beaches where you can go for a refreshing swim. To enjoy at most all this natural beauty I advise you to take a river cruise or to rent a boat, as you can then discover places otherwise won’t be revealed.

castelo-de-bode-damFortunately, the touristic potential of this lake of rare beauty is being sustainable developed, balancing with care both sports activities such as windsurf, canoeing, Jet Ski or fishing, and touristic infrastructures such as hotels and restaurants, with nature preservation. An example of this is the magnificent Ilha do Lombo (Lombo island), set just in the middle of the reservoir.

Where is Castelo de Bode dam?

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Ilha do Lombo 39.608201, -8.270302 Ilha do LomboThe unique beauty and tranquility of Ilha do Lombo, a small island set in the middle of the Castelo de Bode Reservoire, will conquer you.Barragem de Castelo de Bode, Tomar, Portugal (Directions)

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