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All About Portugal | February 25, 2020

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Bread museum, a place to learn and to taste

bread museum
All About Portugal

Bread Museum in Serra da Estrela is the place to find out the traditional production processes of Portuguese breads and bread’s importance and development.

In the middle of Serra da Estrela there is one of the most visited Portuguese museums, the Bread Museum, located in Seia.

Contradicting the idea of inwardness and isolation linked to the areas distant from the coastal cities, the Bread Museum is an example of huge success.

Here bread is master and commander! The museum is much more than a repository of pieces linked to this primordial food, it is a living space intended to preserve the traditions, knowledge, art and histories linked to bread, namely the different Portuguese bread types.

In four separated exhibit rooms there is a lot to be learn. Let’s start with Sala do Ciclo do Pão (Bread production cycle room) where is recreated the traditional production cycle of the Portuguese bread, from the growing of the cereals until the selling in a traditional baker’s shop, so the land, the barn floor, the mill, the oven are all there waiting for you.

It is then time to enter the Sala do Pão Político / Religioso (Political / Religious Bread Room) where visitors may discover the role played by bread in the political and social evolution of Portugal since 1640, the restoration of the Portuguese independence, until 1974, with the April Revolution. The mystic side of bread was not also forgotten and is here well represented.

Sala Arte do Pão (Bread Art Room) is the next stop to find out countless examples of how the bread and all processes linked to it inspired artists throughout times. Decorated tiles, ceramics, stamps, sacred art, iconography, silver objects and many more art examples are here displayed to our delight.

Last but not least, let’s enter Sala Pedagógica (Learning Room), the children’s favorite, as here they learn while recreating themselves. The youngest are not mere spectators of the bread making process; they can actually participate and work the dough! Cool, isn’t it?

With bread all over it is more than natural that you get starving. Well, you are in the right place. Bread Museum has a superb restaurant where you can enjoy the traditional tastes of the Portuguese gastronomy, cooked with the best local products. The fame of the restaurant makes it advisable to book in advance either by email ( or by phone (+351 238 310 760/61/62).

After a fantastic meal, don’t forget to go by the Antiga Mercearia, a space that reminds us an old and traditional grocer’s shop, to take home with you some breads and other gourmet regional products. Let me tell you that the choice won’t be easy!

Besides all the a.m. spaces, the Museum provides a Bar with a Library and also a Baker´s shop where are baked all sorts of breads and artifacts built with dough that are sold at the museum’s reception.

Useful information on Bread Museum

Opening hours
From 10:00 until 18:00
Fridays and Saturdays – From 10:00 until 22:00
(Bread Museum is closed on Mondays)
Adults – 2,50€
Children (3 to 12 years old) – 1,50€
Seniors (+ 65 years old) – 1,50€
Children under 3 – free

Where is Bread Museum?

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Bread Museum 40.417727, -7.694635 Bread museum, to learn and to taste Bread Museum in Serra da Estrela is the place to find out the traditional production processes of Portuguese breads and bread\'s importance and development.Museu do Pão, Seia, Portugal (Directions)

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