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All About Portugal | May 30, 2017

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Belem Art Fest – cultural event in Lisbon

Belem Art Fest in Lisbon
Clara Campos

Belem Art Fest is a cultural event to be held on three Lisbon museums, Museu de Aqrquitectura, Museu dos Coches and Museu de Arte Popular, on September 22nd

Belem Art Fest is a cultural event scheduled for September 22nd. The event will take place in three museums, Museu de Arqueologia, Museu dos Coches and Museu de Arte Popular. These are museums in the Belem district area, a wonderful parishe where are located some of the most amazing monuments in Lisbon. The event intends to open the museums to the city and its visitors.

The museums will welcome several cultural initiatives from 7p.m. September 22nd until 1a.m. September 23rd. These initiatives were thought for every tastes and ages. They include fado, jazz, blues and rock concerts. There is also going to be room for theater, a fashion show and workshops.

The three museums will also exhibit pieces from the artist Pedro Madeira Pinto.

Visitors have also access to about 50% of the regular exhibits held on the three museums.

Belem Art Fest music concerts

Museu Nacional de Arquitectura (Architecture museum) will welcome jazz and blues concerts by Elisa Rodrigues and Júlio Resende from The Soaked Lamb, as well as by Selma Uamusse.
Museu Nacional dos Coches (National Museum of Broughams) is going to be the stage for the Fado performances by Pedro Moutinho, Maria Ana Bobone and Teresa Lopes Alves.

Museu de Arte Popular (Popular Art Museum) will welcome the rock concerts by Nice Weather for Ducks, The Doups and Youthless. A DJ will carry out the party until 4 a.m.

Access to the museums

Belem Art Fest will follow the rules of the summer music festivals. Tickets may be bought in advance or on the day of the event. They will be traded by bracelets that grant the access to the three museums. Entrance is allowed until the end of the event.

CP-Combóios de Portugal (Portuguese Train Company) will have a special ticket for the event. Thus, transportation to and from the event is assured. This is also a way to celebrate the European Car Free Day (September 22nd).

Tickets for the Belem Art Fest

Tickets cost 18€ when bought in advance. On the day tickets price is 20€.

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