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All About Portugal | January 18, 2021

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Algarve top 10 beaches

Clara Campos

To elect the 10 best beaches in the Algarve isn’t easy. However, these are iconic examples of what is waiting for you in the Algarve region.

The Algarve is well-known for the beauty of its beaches of white sand and warm waters therefore it wasn’t easy to choose the Algarve top 10 beaches and I am aware that my choices will always be open to debate. However, I had to make my decision and I did, trying to present a list that would portrait the coastline diversity of the Algarve.

Algarve top 10 beaches location

Alvor beach

Alvor beach, situated near the charming fishing village with the same name, is a wide sandy beach, much sought for locals and tourists. To its popularity also contributes the quality of the facilities offered, including infrastructures for some sports such as windsurf or canoeing. Alvor beach is suitable for disabled people.Alvor beach

Armona Island beach

Wide beach only reachable by boat sailing from Olhão, Armona Island beach is a refuge of quietness even in August, the peak of the summer season. Armona’s clear waters attract diving lovers from all over the world, willing to discover all the underwater beauties of the Algarve. It is also a great place to enjoy the rich and tasty gastronomy of the region.Armona Beach

Fábrica beach or Cacela beach

At the end of Ria Formosa there is a hidden treasure of the Algarve – the Fabrica beach, also named Cacela beach after the irresistible little village famed by its fortress. It is mostly attended by Nature lovers, seeking for a beach almost untouched by men where the ecosystem of the Ria is well protected. The access is done by boat or by foot on low tide. If you go there don’t miss the chance of tasting razor clam rice in one of the two existing restaurants.Cacela Beach

Falésia beach

Dominated by an imposing cliff after which is named (cliff in Portuguese is “falésia”), Falésia beach impresses for its unmatchable beauty. Situated near Vilamoura this is one of the most popular beaches of the Algarve. Sometimes even dolphins come by to delight the holidaymakers.Falesia Beach

Nossa Senhora da Rocha beach

Topped by a belvedere where it stands a small chapel that names it, Nossa Senhora da Rocha beach is surrounded by magnificent cliffs. From this beach sail away several boats touring the innumerous caves existing in the area.Nossa Senhora da Rocha beach, Algarve

Prainha beach

Nestled between two cliffs, Prainha beach is a true paradise. Although being one of the smallest Portuguese beaches – the name Prainha means tiny beach! – Its beauty is absolutely breath taking; therefore it is one of my favourites. Prainha beach

Praia da Marinha beach

Set on a magnificent bay surrounded by cliffs, Praia da Marinha offers several caves to explore and emerald green waters that enchant diving fans. A word of advice, if you decide to go there, save your breath for you have 115 steps to climb on the way back. And, please be sure to obey the danger signs indicating that the cliffs may be unstable.Praia da Marinha beach

Praia Verde Beach

This wide beach owes its name to the green area of pinewood that surrounds it. Reachable through a wooden bridge, Praia Verde beach is a true paradise in the Algarve that even allows you to explore some Roman ruins. And the sunsets here are absolutely magical.Praia Verde beach

Quinta do Lago beach

This is probably the most sophisticated beach of the Algarve. Situated near the exclusive 5 star resort with the same name, Quinta do Lago beach is attended by jet-set figures from all over the world that came here to enjoy its magnificent scenery and warm waters as well as to enjoy the fresh fish served at Gigi, one of the most famed restaurants of the region.Quinta do Lago beach

Tonel beach

Near Sagres Fortress, it is a small rocky beach mainly attended by surfers that came here looking for the perfect wave.Tonel beach

Where to fin Algarve top 10 beaches

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Alvor Beach: 37.122549, -8.595986
Armona Beach: 37.014136, -7.794242
Cacela beach: 37.152552, -7.543724
Falesia beach: 37.086149, -8.168335
Senhora da Rocha beach: 37.097052, -8.385723
Prainha beach: 37.118922, -8.579400
Marinha beach: 37.083333, -8.416667
Praia Verde: 37.170206, -7.490960
Quinta do Lago beach: 37.034248, -8.039031
Tonel beach: 37.005226, -8.939180

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