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All About Portugal | March 5, 2021

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A Guide to 4 Great Beaches in Portugal

Caminha beach

Portugal has plenty to offer as there is something here for everyone to enjoy whether you are looking for a sun holiday, history or a touch of shopping.  This country has a large amount of coastline that houses some gorgeous beaches with bright blue water and white sands.  Everything you would expect from a beach.  Here is some information about 4 great beaches in Portugal:

Praia De Mira

One of Portugal’s well known beaches is located on the central coast between Figeira da Foz and Aveiro.  This beach stretches as far as the eye can see and is 300 metres wide, definitely big.  The beach is known for its brightly coloured fishing boats that are dotted along the beach.  The beach is also famous for a fisherman’s chapel which is easily spotted with its black and white stripes.

Mira beach

A view of the amazing Praia De Mira beach.

Image Source: joriavlis

This beach is perfect for swimming or just admiring the location and relaxing while sunbathing.  If you are feeling a bit peckish head to one of a number of beach cafes where you can treat yourself to a spot of lunch in luxury. Search for car hire to travel in and around the region and explore other beaches and local attractions which are plentiful.

Praia Tocha

This secret beach known mainly by the locals offers a sandy paradise.  If you are looking for a beach for sunbathing and swimming look no further, as this beach has little to distract you from sunbathing as the only thing in your sight is clear blue waters and a long stretch of sand which is 200 metres in width.

This is a popular beach by locals as tourism is not huge in this beach allowing users to relax in peace.   It is worth noting this beach is not a popular place for surfing. As for looking for snacks and drinks there is not really much choice but there is a casual eatery that offers fresh, local cuisine, including local seafood. A must to see on this beach which is very unusual but quirky is a library sat on the beach.  A sight not to be missed.

Praia Caminha

Overlooking a 17th century island fortress, this beach has some amazing views.  This beach offers beauty and has postcard views.  The beach is set in the most picturesque of areas as it has the Spanish mountain Santa Tecla which creates a fantastic focal point.  Your eyes will be in pure heaven as the beach has so much to offer.  Sit back and take in the scenery.
Caminha beach
A bird’s eye view of the wonderful Praia Caminha.


Here is a challenge for all the strong swimmers that visit this beach, as it can be tempting to swim to Spain as it sits on the border.  Or if you are not feeling that brave there are boats available that will whisk you off to a secluded beach. There are not many places to grab something to eat, but it is possible to get some local Portuguese cuisine.

Praia do Cabedelo

Located on the northern coast of Portugal, this beach has something to offer for everyone.  It has a bit of history and culture as well as being able to enjoy a spot of sunbathing for you sun revellers.

Known for its water sports that are offered in plenty including surfing and body boarding, both for which lessons are available on request.

There are plenty of places to grab something to eat, as this is a popular beach by tourists.  Local cuisine to try includes fresh seafood.

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