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All About Portugal | January 21, 2021

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A day in Tomar, Central Portugal

convent christ tomar
Clara Campos

A day in Tomar, Portugal, is a true unforgettable experience, either for the rich Heritage as well as for the magnificent views that characterize the area.

Today I invite you for a day in Center Portugal, namely in the Tomar area.
What about starting by visiting the Convent of Christ (Convento de Cristo), situated in the welcoming city of Tomar? The building is a magnificent example of several architectural styles such as Romanesque, Gothic, Manueline and Renaissance, due to the several improvements done throughout centuries under the orders of different rulers.
convent christ tomar
Specially known by the famous Janela do Capítulo (Window of the Chapter House), one of the most important Manueline work of art, Convent of Christ has other highlights also worthy of a visit even though less emblematic such as the Charola, an amazing Romanasque round church, built during the second half of the 12th century, as well as the John III cloister, one of the most monumental examples of the Renaissance style, designed by the architect Diogo de Torralva. A stroll by the well-preserved gardens, enjoying the view over the city, is the perfect way to end the visit of the Convent.
Convent of Christ Manueline window
Move on southwest to Castelo de Bode dam, on the Zêzere River, a tributary of the Tagus River. This impressive concrete arch-gravity construction work supplies water to 3 million people living in the Lisbon area and produces hydroelectricity. It has a 60km reservoir, offering breathtaking landscapes of valleys and mountains you can enjoy best on a river cruise. This is the perfect spot for some sport activities such as windsurf, canoeing, Jet Ski or fishing. At least don’t miss the opportunity to go for a swim on the crystal waters of the Zêzere.

Finally discover one of the most beautiful landscapes you will ever enjoy: Ilha do Lombo. An island set just in the middle of the reservoir, accessed only by boat, that is a refugee of calm and tranquility.

Where is Tomar?

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Convent of Christ: 39.604121, -8.419084

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