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All About Portugal | May 28, 2020

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3 Days Out In The Algarve

Algarve - Portugal

When it comes to European holiday destinations Portugal is often overlooked in favour of the more popular Spain, the party loving Spanish islands or the reserved sophistication of France but Portugal offers everything its neighbours offer and more. The northern district offers the more reserved holiday with mountainous terrain, leafy parks and a rich cultural history. The southern part of the country is called the Algarve and is the most popular destination for tourists heading to Portugal with its Mediterranean beaches and hot climate. The middle of Portugal offers a happy mix of the two regions and houses the capitol Lisbon.

If you are heading over to the Algarve for a holiday you’ve made a great decision not matter what you’re looking for in a holiday you’re sure to find it hear.

There’s no shortage of water in the Algarve, the Atlantic coast warps perfectly along it and you’re never more than a twenty minute car ride from the coast. If you prefer your water with a few less waves and a little less sand then you’re in luck. As with any holiday destination that enjoys good weather you’re never too far from a water park and the Algarve has two great water parks that make the perfect day out for the whole family. Slide and Splash and Aqua Land, near Albufeira, are the perfect place if you’re looking for some family water fun, there are enough slides to keep even the biggest kid happy all day, just don’t forget that sun screen as you’re unlikely to feel the sun when you’re in and out the water.

If you prefer something slightly more relaxing in terms of water fun there are dozens of boats rides out to see the pods of dolphins that live off the coast. The marina in Vilamoura is the perfect place to while away half a day. Take a wonder round the shops and bars and chose one of the many cafes or restaurants if you fancy a spot of lunch. If you want to make a day of it, Vilamoura also has two stunning beaches, plenty of golf courses and horse riding. If it’s the dolphins you’re after head down to the south west corner of the marina where you’ll find no shortage of boat rides for water sports and dolphin spotting. Of course they can’t guarantee dolphins but the experienced boatmen know exactly where the pods like to swim and they all talk to one another so if one person see’s them you’ll see them too. It’s not quite like swimming with them but it’s an amazing sight when they stop the boat and the dolphins swim around you.
Dolphins in the Algarve

Not everyone’s idea of a great holiday has to centre on water and if you’d rather explore some of the more cultural parts of the Algarve there’s still plenty to see and do.  Silves is a beautiful town right in the centre of the Algarve and was once the capital of the Algarve. No matter which approach you take to Silves you won’t fail to notice the ruins of the once proud castle as it stands on the top of the hill overlooking the entire town. Being a very hot country and being situated on top of a rather steep hill, car is the best way to reach the top, just be careful as the streets get very narrow and very steep as you get closer. Next to the castle is the cathedral and entrance to both will only cost you a few Euros and the architecture is breathtaking.  The great thing about wondering round the cathedral is the sheer volume of ancient artefacts on display and most are not hidden behind glass screens and roped off. You can get close enough to see every detail.

Of course you’ll find the usual bustling cities and stunning beaches you’d expect to find at any holiday location but here you have three days out you can all enjoy.


  1. J. Carroll

    “No shortage of water in the Algarve….” Only if you want a bath or shower!!! The Algarve is an arid region and has been living on tenterhooks for water for years now. The lack of water pressure or even any water at all has already begun in May 2017, and the tourist season is not even close to its peak. The supply of water and the infrastructure in the western Algarve are totally inadequate to the demands of the current level of tourism. Come in the spring or the fall, but not the summer.

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